Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Evening Out At The Beach.

As i was napping at the couch in the evening (at about 3pm) my sister came to our house with her kids and told me about her plan to go to the beach that evening. I was all in agreement about the idea so i woke up and got ready. The good news was, our parents were going too. It was a good time, since it was like, the first time in a long time we all rode together in one car.

As soon as we reached the beach, i asked my sister to take my photo (she's using a Canon DSLR) because the sun was looking at its best. I didnt want to miss that moment..

Snap, snap, snap and tada!... this is it :D

While my sister was busy taking pictures of other people, i took out my small digital camera and took pictures of myself (like any girls would normally do)

This is my sister and her second born, Elsa Nicole

I love this shot! Although my face looks a bit oily but it was like it had the right amount of oil to make the perfect shine.

Sisters :) ..camwhoring using a DSLR

After an hour or so, it was time to go because the sun had started to sunk in and the kids were getting cranky we had to go find something to eat.

I guess today turned out to be a fun day after all. I thought that i would be stuck at home the whole day since i skipped church this morning and for the night, i cancelled to go to a bachelorette party of a friend of mine. But having spent a couple of hours at the beach with my family was a nice deal :)

♥ P.

Stay At Home Saturday.

The picture above was taken before going for my work out on thursday. I decided to put that picture up because it has been awhile since i put up a picture of mine LOL.

Anyways, today is Saturday and i am suppose to be at church but im not. Why? because i didnt feel that good this morning. I think it was because of the tom yam i ate for lunch yesterday. It was already hot but i added more chilli to it (i love spicy, hot foods) and now im suffering the consequences of it. But it was worth it hehehe...

I'll just enjoy my Sabbath at home today. Happy Sabbath you all! ..and have a great weekend!

♥ P.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friends Or Faith?

As usual every morning i will come into my office and check my mails, my blog, facebook (farmville!! cafeworld!!) and if there's some time i'll read through blogs that has updates (on my blogroll).

Today, since i had so much time to spare because my lecture this morning was Finance and to tell you the truth i am really good in maths :-D plus i have been teaching this subject for like, a year already so no need for any preparations. yeay! So anyway, back to my story.. I read this entry of a friend of mine and she said that she's embarrased by her faith, and that if her friends know about her works for her church, she's scared that they will not hang out with her because she's a "holy person", or some "Jesus freak" or something.

While reading it, it kind of reminded me of myself not so long ago. I was ashamed that if my friends know i was at church on saturday (im an Adventist), they will not want to hang out with me because they usually go out on saturday while i go to church, and sometimes im ashamed to tell people my religion because the only thing that people mostly know about my religion is the restriction of foods that we have. Most of my friends like to dine in chinese restaurants (i dine in chinese restaurants too! but i'll order something else that isnt pork) or places that serve pork, because they LOVE pork and i dont eat pork so they will sometime say things like "you cant eat pork??? what a pity.. you're really missing out" at first i was embarrased and i just kept mum about it. But something happened to me somewhere along the road to the place i am right now, but that's a different story hehe. Nowadays whenever i get that remark from people, i defend myself by saying "no im not, i dont feel left out of anything because im used to not eating pork"

Only true friends will respect your religion, and the faith that you believe in. So if those so called "friends" make fun of you just because you are doing the work of God, You really shouldn't be hanging out with them because they dont respect you nor your religion. What's wrong with doing the work of God? or having a little faith? It doesnt make you a weirdo or anything. I wouldnt want to be hanging out with someone who i cant show my true self. It would be so tiring to be pretentious just for the person to like you. When i go out and dine at a restaurant i am never hesitant when it's time to say grace before eating. I dont find it a big deal or anything but if you're offended by it, then maybe we shouldnt be hanging out at all.

A few weeks ago, i was watching this really good preacher talking on the Hope Channel. Something the preacher said really made me think, it was something like "If you are embarrased by God, God will be embarrased to call you His own too" . Try to think about it in a more humanly perspective, would you be proud of a person who is embarrased to call you their own? it could be family, bf/ gf, whatever. If someone is embarrased to admit that they know me, i would be reaaaalllly hurt by it. So imagine how God feels when we, His children, is embarrased to admit that we are His own.

♥ P.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Farewell Post.

Im full. *burp*

I just had lunch together with all my colleagues, potluck style. While i was feasting on the food among them, i suddenly felt sad, because this might be the last time im going to have lunch together with all of them.

I've submitted my resignation letter to this company 20 days ago and will resign in 10 days time (18th Feb). A much bigger company offered me a job with a quite bigger paycheck compared to what im currently receiving right now. Plus, it is also much nearer to my house. Now, how can i refuse the offer?


Im going to miss this place. the associations that i made with my colleagues who i proudly can call as "my friends", the experiences that i have shared with them all the while i was here, with the students - the bad, the good, the ugly. All of that i will bring with me and cherish them.

But before any goodbyes can be said, first thing first i need to finish up all my work before the handover. I actually can't wait for the new lecturer (my replacement) to come. Why? because honestly, if the new staff comes, i do not have to prepare for class everyday. Atleast until i resign from here hehe. The new job im going to is no different from what i'm doing right now: LECTURER.

I do have concerns about my new working place. What if nobody wants to be friends with me? what if im left all alone without no one to talk to? what if i cant handle the stress of the new place? =.=

♥ P.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Marriage Post

Today I got the news about an ex-boyfriend of mine who's gonna get engaged. Alot of people i know has or is going to get married in this coming months. And it made me think of my myself. People have been asking about who i am with and when i am going to get married and so forth. Let me get things clear here, i am single. When i'm gonna get married? only God knows. I dont know if there's such a thing about "the right one" but what i know is, i haven't found someone who i want to spend my whole life with. This is a serious issue, people. If possible (God willing) i want to be married to only 1 man for as long as i live. All those divorce dramas, sorry im not interested. So you see, i dont want to get married just because all my friends are married. This is a serious issue.

Holler if you feel me on this post.

Now Chinese New Year is fast approaching, im excited about the angpows but im terrified on what the "givers" might say when they hand me the angpow. Two years ago, my aunty said to me "this year would be the last ok?" (It's a Chinese tradition for married people to give the unmarried angpows. Once married you are not eligible to receive them anymore boo-hoo!). I may not look all chinesey but i do have chinese blood going through my veins. My grandfather is pure chinese, so it makes me...25% chinese and 75% kadazan-dusun, although cannot converse neither in chinese nor kadazan-dusun. I can understand a bit though.

Ok, back to the whole married thing. I know at my age (28) people say it is a ripe age to get married but why 28? It's not that i have anything against marriage but like i said earlier, i still havent found someone who i want to be with for the rest of my life. I know i'll be married one day (someday) but i am just tired and fed up hearing those questions. It's as if i am not normal by not being married at this age. Is it the end of all problems if i get married? No. But they're acting like it is. Sheeesh.

I guess they're just concern about me, I know they meant well and dont want me to end up as an old spinster but everytime they ask me that 1 million dollar question "when are you getting married" i feel belittled by it AND their ridiculous stare.

Or maybe im just being emotional... over nothing! LOL.

To end this post, i am gonna share with all of you what a friend of mine answered when being asked that same question:


♥ P.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Lovely Bones.

I watche this movie last night, the story is about a 14 year old girl who was murdered by her neighbour. The murdered girl tells the story in the movie, showing the lives of the people around her (family) how they all have changed while attempting to get someone to find her body. What i didnt like was the ending part - her body never got found and her murderer got away.

It is a Peter Jackson movie, so it has to be good :) The novel sure goes into the list of books to buy. I still have a few pending books haha.. one of them is "My Sister's Keeper". I love the movie, i cried a bucket watching it.

Later im gonna watch "Fireproof" a movie recommended by my cousin, who watched it 10 times already and cried everytime.

It's a beautiful sunday.. the sun is up, bright and shining - that'll dry my clothes fast :D

It's close to 9am.. time for laundry!

ta-ta! Have a nice Sunday everyone!

♥ P.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Dont Spend Every Freakin' Minute On Facebook.

I was going to write about something when suddenly someone chat-ed with me on facebook, asking "Pammie, why are you still on facebook? from morning until now? you got no work kah?" I felt like slapping her with a trout, ala IRC style. No, make it A BIG FAT one! i was annoyed by her comment, she is accusing me of not working because im online on facebook. She's online too, so what the hell is she doing? I wasnt curi tulang, i just happen to know how to manage my time very well and i am a really good multitasker ;)

That comment made me close the facebook tab on IE. She was still typing something but i didnt care enough to wait. hmmph!

In the mornings, when i get to my office i usually check my mails and facebook - the happenings and whatnots of it. But when it comes to work, i do my work okay? but sometimes i just forget to close the facebook tab. What? is it a crime to not closing the tab? Oh and sometimes i forget to turn off the facebook chat button. But it doesnt mean when you see me online at the facebook chat function on facebook, i am available. Some of the messages (via facebook chat) is left unreplied. Why? seriously dont want me to answer that, dont you?

I have no objections whatsoever if you want to be the employee of the month of your company but dont act like your job is mighty important when it isnt okay? (she's working for a concrete company which i believe she's only performing clerical works in the office) Im the one who is in the education line. Im not saying clerical works are not important. Im not, infact any job in the world is important just dont use it to prance around bragging infront of your jobless friends that you have a job and they dont. In my case, saying that im a lousy worker - which is what she's doing. Because she has that "ASTAGA" word in her sentence (**ASTAGA is a term we used in malay for something like, OMG)

Have you ever opened the dictionary recently? please look up the word "multitasking" while you're at it. Because just so you know, im very good at it :) Now here's me rubbing it at your face!

♥ P.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sexy Chat Grammar


♥ P.

Birthday Food

Like i mentioned yesterday, i am gonna make dinner for my birthday.. and i did. Since i had little time to prepare a good meal, I cooked the simplest yet scrumptious food that i know and they are pasta and salad. Birthday dinner ended up being just me and my folks. My sister and her family came late, and my brother had to work til 10pm.

Pasta. I sprinkled some parmesan cheese on the pasta and pop it into the oven for 5 minutes.

Cheese on pasta.

Chicken salad: lettuce, potato, tomato and shredded chicken with thousand island dressing

The only food that i didnt cook

Ooooh.. look at all the cheese!

Now you see it..

Now you don't..

It was a simple dinner but i had a good time with my folks having dinner and catching up with things, having real conversations with them. Although we all live under the same roof we rarely sit down and enjoy our food at the table. All of us have our own different time to eat and sometimes dinner will be infront of the TV - a bad habit, i know. So it was nice to eat together for a change.

♥ P.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today's my birthday. Yeaaayyy.

Im a year older, a year wiser i believe :)

I'll be having a home cooked dinner this year instead of the usual dining out at some fancy restaurant. Yours truly will be the chef this evening, i just hope nothing will get burnt in the process of cooking the perfect dinner on my birthday hehe im out of practice, havent been cooking that much these days.

See, all my life my mom cooked for me why not on the day i was born twenty-something years ago let them (parents) just sit back and relax and let the grown up child be busy for a change.

I'll post up pictures tomorrow.

now, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! :D

♥ P.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I Want AND Dont Want For My Birthday

Here are the things that i want for my 2010 birthday. I want alot of things but after doing a little bit of prioritizing, here are the list of wants.. AND dont wants:

1. A new digicam, Canon Powershot S90. Forget about DSLRs i want this one hehe. DSLRs are so overrated it's like everyone have one thesedays.

2. A new watch from Guess (ive got my eyes on one already..)

2. "Have a Little Faith - A True Story" book by Mitch Albom

3. A new cupboard for my clothes. I need a new cupboard! Even after giving away clothes, i still cant fit all of them in my cupboard

4. A red velvet chocolate cake with caramel filling for a birthday cake

5. Ice cream! (you gotta have ice cream if there's cake)

6. Clothes. No, not casual clothing. I need new work clothes. Ive been wearing the same old thing for a year (and most of them are hand downs from my sister!)

1. Bad news

2. Really bad news

3. Family member unable to attend my birthday dinner :( (this would probably happen but i hope my brother wont be working tomorrow night)

4. No phone calls or sms-es or online messages (ym, facebook)

5. To feel like its just another ordinary day

6. To feel that, no matter how great the day had been, something’s still not right.

7. Broken hearts

5. All of the Birthday-dont-wants above.

But most of all, I wish myself to be able to achieve my dreams and bring the happiness to my parents, friends and other people...and I wish all that celebrating their birthday in January, "Happy Birthday and may your dreams come true!!"

Here's me singing Happy Birthday requested by a good friend of mine, Warrence. I was thinking of posting this next week on the day of his birthday but since tomorrow is my birthday, i changed my mind about it and posted it earlier so that in a way, the video is also for me! hahha.. i rarely get people to sing me a happy birthday. This year, im singing for myself haha.

I recorded this video this morning. Just before i leave for work hehehe..

♥ P.


Remember Katharine Mcphee? The first runner up of American Idol season 5? doesnt ring a bell? oh well, if you're not a fan i hope you'll become a fan after listening to this particular track from her new album, "Unbroken". After listening to it the whole evening yesterday, i must say the album is waaaayyy more mature compared to her self-titled album. The song shown in the videoclip above is my favourite track off the album.

Oh, and have i mentioned she's now a blonde? (she's a natural brunette) she looks good as a blonde with her funky hair-do but her eyebrows are too dark hehe..

Anyway, Happy listening!

♥ P.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Wrong.

I was typing my previous post when a friend of mine on ym sent me a link on facebook. So i clicked and this came out. OMG! This is so wrong. What is happening to our world? To our so-called 1Malaysia unity (konon!) ?

Of all the comments, this one irked me the most:

It would be my pleasure of displaying the person's name and profile picture but i wont do so. I do not want to cause any chaos towards the person even after posting such rude comment online. How can one say such things like this? I've been angry before but not to the extent of killing the person.

This is just so wrong. Please don't join this group (MENENTANG PENGGUNAAN ALLAH OLEH GOLONGAN BUKAN ISLAM) on facebook, whoever on my list join this group i'll delete them. This is so wrong, it's disgusting to have friends who supports this group.

♥ P.

Apples and Wine

I read this at Jasmine's blog:

“Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don’t want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they sometimes take the apples from the ground that aren’t as good, but easy. The apples at the top thinks something is wrong with them, when in reality, they’re amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who is brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.

Now men… men are like fine wine. They begin as grapes and it’s up to women to stomp the shit out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with.

Share this with all the good apples you know.”

This is not the first time i read this. But it's been so long since i came across this i forgotten all about it. So reading it this morning was sort of like a reminder to me that it is okay to be single. I forgot about this and thats why i ended up being in two relationships that didnt last in 2009 alone. Why? because i became jealous and easy - someone who i never (in a million years) thought i would become. Im not saying that im a hard case to crack (cause im not) but im just saying if im ever gonna be in a relationship again it should be for all the right reasons and not because of the jealousy that i feel towards other people who have their "person".

I dont want to be perceived as a pathetic low-esteemed kind of girl, cause im not. I may complain and whine sometimes but those are just moments that i get once in a while when people get to my head (thanks alot). Only God knows how high my esteem is (haha!) Some people have asked me before "Pammie, who's your boyfriend? why havent i heard any news about you being with anyone?" Hel-lo!? why should i announce it to the world if im with anyone?

I know im not the prettiest or the skinniest person, i am so far from perfect but you know what? i wont trade my life for any other life. I love my life. I finally can say now that i am content with myself, especially my weight. Like i said, i am not skinny and i dont have any intention to go near skinny. The imperfections that we have is what makes us human. You can criticize me, call me fat or ugly. Go ahead. Im ok with my body and self. Maybe it is you who have issues to deal with. Good luck.

What im trying to say here is that, it is ok to be single. It doesnt mean there's something wrong with you if you're single. Dont think that you're not skinny enough or pretty enough to be worth of love. There are people who are just mentally wrong. They think to have a boyfriend, you need to lose half your body size and need to be beauty pagent pretty. Do not fall for this crap! One day, a guy will come along and accept you and all your imperfections just the way they are.

So dont give up. Stay positive.. that's how im gonna be from this moment onwards.

♥ P.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Element of Freedom

Im listening to Alicia Key's new album "The Element of Freedom" while marking the last pile of papers.

This album is AMAZING!.

♥ P.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back At The Yard

Look what was waiting for me when i woke up from my afternoon nap:

Fresh fruits from the trees! all the way from Kota Marudu..
An unriped papaya, durian and no, its not langsat. it's longkong.
I dont know how to differentiate langsat with longkong but thats what
my dad said. He's the fruit expert in the family, i only know how to eat them :)

For dinner, we're gonna have fish and pumpkin - from our own pond, and backyard.

The hungry fishes in my Dad's pond, waiting to be fed
(if only they know one of them will be my dinner tonight hehe)

I thought Dad was going to catch only one.. he caught three! two for us and the other one for my sister and her family

The pumpkin, just before i do the honors of plucking it.

..Dinner would be a one fine meal tonight :)

♥ P.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I just came back from church and i must say today's service was a really good one. Our local church pastor preached today about "People of Hope" and it was really a good sermon, short yet inspiring. I was one of the many singers who performed during the program.. the song that i choose to sing is entitled "Shepherd of My Heart" i dont have a clip of my singing because i forgot to ask my cousin to record it :-D

Anyway, it was a good Sabbath. I feel blessed!

Happy Sabbath to all.. God bless!

p/s: i know all you all have heard the commotion that's being going on about the church burnt down by Muslim protesters, it is stupid.. we just better forget about the 1Malaysia thingy. Is that what you call UNITY?

♥ P.

Friday, January 8, 2010


I was not doing work and was blog-hopping instead just now and suddenly i became jealous of them because they had something worth saying on their blog, and i dont (haha!)

Sooooo... i came up with a solution: IM GONNA BLOG EVERYDAY! im gonna make an effort to post something. even if it's just a picture.

This will start effectively today!
The picture of the day is me and my bestie. Why i choose this picture is because we're gonna have lunch together later. We work at different companies and we have our own busy schedules to comply with *sigh* so yea, meeting up often would be difficult, what more having lunch together?

♥ P.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesdays With Morrie

Since it's tuesday i figure it's the best day to revisit this book. Only a year ago that i knew this book was made into a movie, thanks to Oprah, and i missed it on the Hallmark channel. A friend of mine told me last week that it can be viewed on youtube. I downloaded it and watched it lastnight.. and i cried at the end when Mitch hugged dear old Morrie :(

In this post, i'd like to share the life lessons from Morrie Schwartz.

1. Accept the past as the past without denying it or discarding it

2. Find someone to share your heart, give to your community, be at peace with yourself, try to be as human as you can be

3. Some people walk around with meaningless life. They seem half-asleep when they're busy doing things they think are important. This is because they're chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you and devote yourself to creating something that gives your purpose and meaning.

4. There is no foundation, no secure ground, upon which people may stand today if it isn't the family

5. As long as we can love each other and remember the feeling of love we had, we can die without ever really going away. All the love you created is still there. All the memories are still there. You live on - in the hearts of everyone you have touched and nurtured while you were here. Death ends a life, not a relationship.

I could go on and on with this but the above are some of the life lessons that i think should be shared and passed on to everyone. There is one quote that really hit home with me and i hope by sharing this with you, it will too with you

"Do the kinds of things that come from the heart. When you do, you won't be dissatisfied, you won't be envious, you won't be longing for somebody else's things. On the contrary, you'll be overwhelmed with what comes back."

..and this one..

"Mitch, if you're trying to show off for people at the top, forget it. They will look down on you anyhow. And if you're trying to show off for the people at the bottom, forget it. They will only envy you. Status will get you nowhere. Only an open heart will allow you to float equally between everyone."

I really love this book. Mitch Albom is one of my favourite writers, i have read all his books (for one more day, tuesdays with morrie, the five people you meet in heaven) except the new one "Have A Little Faith - A true story" i'll get my hands on that book soon :)

Oh, and by the way after watching Tuesdays With Morrie last night i felt like my previous post was childish, selfish and immature. The first quote on doing things that comes from the heart, i think i should try that sometimes. Maybe by doing so i wouldn't be longing for what other people have that i dont.

♥ P.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What About Me?

On the way back from my cousin's engagement party just now, the question "why cant that happen to me" keeps on asking in my head. I come to realize that im always the girl who "could've-been-the-one" in a relationship. Im always the 2nd choice and never the 1st - it makes me feel like im never good enough and sometimes i believe i am not good enough for anyone or even myself. Dont get me wrong, i wish all the guys who picked the other girl instead of me all the happiness in the world since some of them have gotten married with kids now. We all still remain good friends and when i see them i cant help to think that that couldve been me.

It's easy for people to say "dont worry your time will come.. just be patient" I mean it's easy to say for them because it isnt them who is going through the heartaches over and over again. It's sickening, plus it has lowered my self-esteem over time and it caused me to be depressed. The hardest thing to do is trying to act like everything is just dandy when deep inside you're going through all of this.

To get myself a boyfriend is easy (ive been through 2 relationships that was totally discreet in 2009 - both ended by me. read the previous post for this) but what i need i someone who is actually "boyfriend material" *sigh* i wont raise my hopes high on this for i know those type of guys, the "boyfriend material" type of guys are coming to extinct. or if not, already extinct. So yea.

I dont know if God intentionally put me through this to teach me a lesson or to test my faith or because He has a bigger plan for me and this is only to prepare me for it. I seriously dont know. It may be neither the above reasons.

Excuse me on my emo-ness in this post but what about me?

When i started this blog, it was intended to be a personal blog. So is this personal enough or what?

Reading back on what i wrote, i sound like a wounded puppy. :-/

♥ P.


It's now 4.15am and an I just came back from the cinema an hour ago watching the recent #1 box office movie AVATAR. I should be sleeping right now but my excitement over the movie still havent gone away :)

Me and my cousins were suppose to catch the 9pm show at GSC 1Borneo but when we were about to buy our tickets, the ticker counter lady told us the hall was full already so our options were to watch the 12am show OR watch the movie another day.


Since we were already there at the mall it was such a waste of gas to drive ourselves back home, empty handed. So i said "let's just watch the 12am show lah!" and it was alllll worth it!

I had doubts on whether i could stay up all through the movie but guess what? i didnt even break a yawn hahahaha. Now, that's a first! Of all the midnite movies i have watched, i usually slept in the middle of the movie and only wake up when the movie is nearing the end. I even slept watching the latest Harry Potter movie hahaha. I know, i am incredible. How can one sleep watching Harry Potter??? I am the only person i know who's done that.

While we're on the topic of movies, the next movie i am so looking forward to see is Prince of Persia which sadly will only hit theaters in May (punyaaa lamaaaa lagiiiii!!) Jake Gyllenhaal is all buffed up in the movie.. oh la laa. hahah. I know some say it was a miscast casting Jake Gyllenhaal to play a Persian Prince coz his face looks silly playing one. But i have to differ on that comment. Are they watching the same preview as i am? omg, he looks so hot! he finally looks like a grown up man in the movie.

Other movies that im anticipating to watch in this year are:
1. Sherlock Holmes (yea, havent seen this one too)
2. Nine
3. Legion
4. The Princess and the frog (this one too)
5. The Vampire's assistant (..and this one)
6. Paranormal Activities
7. Percy Jackson & the lightning thief
8. The Green Lantern
9. Book of Eli
10. Iron Man 2

So yea, thats about all the movies that i can think about at this hour. Do comment if you know the movie (the ones that's already out but havent been watched by me) is gonna suck so i can skip them and watch other movies instead :) Oh, and if there's any movie i missed, do tell me so :)

Owh-Kayyy. I think im gonna hit the sack now. I can hear the neighbour's chicken crowing - a sign that it's allllllmost morning. luckily it's sunday i can sleep in the whole day hehe.

Happy Sunday, ya'll!!

♥ P.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010!

Today is the first day of the new year so im going to post an entry coz today's date is so cool: 010110 :)

So i was having thoughts of what to do today and i of doing nothing. absolutely nothing. Coming this monday, the manic will start all over again coz im going back to work *sigh* that one week of leave was just heavenly.

Here's my resolutions for this year:

1. Taking chances on love - not that i didnt last year but the choices of guys that i dated wasnt actually "boyfriend material" type of guys.. This year, i want to date someone who i dont have to keep it as a secret from my family. I mean, hello? im like 27 years old I think it's about timei i mature up my act.

2. Giving up the title "Queen of Procrastination" - yea, this year whatever i say im gonna do, im gonna do and finish it!

3. Getting me and my group (CrossingBorders) more exposed - that means, getting ourselves a part-time singing gig in KK

4. Taking better care of my health, wellbeing and physique - Im deciding to give up chicken and red meat :) Lets see how far this one goes.

Wish me luck on these four resolution of mine :) i know i can make it... to end this post, i'd like to share with all of you pictures of me that my sister took during a wedding last sunday where i had to sing. These are currently my favourite pictures that she has taken of me so far..
♥ P.