Friday, June 25, 2010

Someone's Got A New Bag.

Last wednesday after work i decided to go to the Digi Centre at 1Borneo because ever since i've been using Digi broadband (March 2010), i never have received my bills so i went to the centre to ask them regarding this matter. As i was walking to the centre (Digi Centre is on the lower ground, i parked on the 3rd floor) i passed Parkson and they had some bags displayed outside.

I have been looking for a big bag to carry to work. One bag caught my attention. I am so satisfied with my new bag because 1.) It's big = spacious. 2.)It's bright. Just how i like it. It actually came in three colors: brown, black and grey but i picked the brown because it stand out. 3.) the material of the bag is very soft to the touch.

The old and the new.

The old bag is the darker color, the new one is the bright, big brown bag. I paid RM105.00 for the bag but it was worth it. Oh by the way, it's an authentic Benedetti Polo Creation bag :)

If you're wondering what brand is my old bag well, it is brandless. I bought it online about a year ago. I'm the type who don't bring handbags to work. I rather have a big bag that can fit almost everything in it.

I am so loving my new bag.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weight Gain

This morning when i wore my black pants to work, i was surprised because it was tight. OMG! i gain weight!!! okay, that was an exaggeration. I know i've put on some weight but i didnt think it would be this far.


I'm blaming it on the medicine!!

Why medicine? well, 3 weeks ago when i just came back from the Philippines i fell sick. My tummy was hurting like hell to the extent it made me hard to walk. I even had to hold my tummy when i walk. It was hell.

According to the doctors, i look pale and with no energy. Ofcourse, what do you expect from a sick person right? so the doctor gave me some medicine that will increase my appetite.

I'm so sad. I cant even fit my clothes properly now. You see, i'm the type of girl who gains weigh fast. Sad eh? i wish i could be like those who could eat and eat and eat but doesnt gain anything.

Guess i need to exercise more to get rid of this unwanted baggage. I am determined i can get rid of it :)

All the best to me!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Way I Am

Me and my colleagues recorded this yesterday evening. We actually have recorded this song a couple of months ago but the quality isnt that good :D so this time, we did it properly.

I love this song. The melody is simple, yet the lyrics are meaningful.

"..and you.. take me the way i am"


Della Rheese Online Boutique

I can now add "entrepreneur" to my resume.

I am a proud owner of an online boutique which i simply call, "Della Rheese". I'm not using blogs to promote them, i am using Facebook. You can find me using Della Rheese. I have considered blogs, but maybe in a few months time. Right now, i'm just sticking to Facebook.

The type of clothing that i sell are clothes that i myself will consider wearing. So yea, the styles, patterns and colors are carefully hand-picked by me with reference to my taste and liking.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I Believe I Can Fly

Ever since i came back from the Philippines, i have been listening alot to La Diva. I'm sorry but i have just recently discovered this group. The first time i heard them sing (Apologize), i was like OMG! they are so good!.

After listening to them for a gajillion time, i tried listening to each one of them separately - jonalynn, maricriss & aicelle. OMG! all of them are individually good.

I was really impressed with Aicelle's version of the song, "I Believe I Can Fly". I sang this song last year during AlmaCrest International College (my previous work place) 1st ever graduation day. Listening to this song makes me miss the good times i had with my singing partner, Bobby Abdillah. I miss singing with him. *sigh*

Those were good times.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Summer Vacay.

I did a long post on how my trip went in Manila. It concentrated more on the bad though but i changed my mind on posting it. Why? because it happened last week, it's in the past. I'm not the type of person who likes to dwell on the past, so i'm letting it go. Whatever hurt that people have caused me, i'm letting it go. I could trash talk about that person but i choose not too. It would only make me as evil as her.

So this post is gonna focus on the good bits only. I got to meet old friends and i also made new friends over the weekly Wine & Cheese party at Friendly's Guest House - the place i was staying for the week. Ok, enough talking, time for pictures!

With Sherrie - a new friend, and Zachary at Music Avenue
I got to see a good friend of mine Zachary, who is also a very good singer.
This is David. After 5 long years we finally meet.
Oh, i also met Superman :)

Besides having contributing to the economy as my main activity for everyday, food has also been a favourite activity there. I could've ate more but in the middle of the week, i had stomach ache which lasted for a week. But the food and beverages there were superb! love it!
One of the many pictures of me waiting for food. This one's while waiting for my Charlie Chaan Chicken Pasta take out at Yellow Cab.

At the famous Hobbits House. It wasn't as good as i expected.. they had a hidden cover charge. We all were surprised to see that in our bills. Oh well, atleast we've been to that place.
On Saturday, I went to church (Singalong SDA Church) at Malate. That was the first time i went to church in Philippines. The members were very nice. They even invited me for lunch! It was truly a blessing.. (because i was already short of pesos :-D)

That evening, the wine and cheese party at the guesthouse started. It was so cool to meet and get to know the other tenants of the guesthouse.
With a Dutch and a Jap.
This is Celest. She's Hawaiian, Brazil and umm... i forgot. I asked her, "so what are you?" and she answered, "International" :)

Although the trip wasn't as exciting as i've planned it to be, but there was also some good that i've learned from this trip. I know whatever that has happened, God has a reason for it. Even the bad ones.