Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kuching getaway (Day 1)

I have been wanting to get away from the hectic work life and studies since may. So this is it. A domestic getaway to Kuching, Sarawak :)

Our flight to Kuching was at 8am on AirAsia. We arrived early, at about 9:15am. 10 minutes early. The first thing we did was went to the hotel to confirm our reservation of room & have breakfast. We were really hungry by the time we reached the hotel. The area that we are staying didnt have that much of eateries nearby. The hotel's frontdesk lady said we have to walk 10-20 minutes to the nearest eatery. We were searching for Laksa, by the way. 

After walking not 10, or 20.. But 30 minutes!!!! We found an eatery at Chinatown. It was a small coffee shop (i forgot the name) but it served kolo mee and sarawak laksa. So we had our breakfast there. After that we walked somemore and went to sarawak plaza, tun jugah and centrepoint. I was surprised that the malls here are not like the ones we have in KK. I could walk around each malls in less than 5 minutes. There wasnt anything much to look at inside. 

In the evening, we wanted to go to bazaar Ramadhan. In search of ayam golek! But it was raining and the bazaar was not walking distance friendly. So we decided to just have our dinner at SCR Express. It was just located below our hotel. Oh, we stayed at 360 hotel Tower B. It was worth every cent. Clean linens, spacious room. The only down side to it is the city centre is 30minutes walking distance. It is ok if you dont mind all the walking. But if you mind, the hotel does provide shuttle bus to the city. Which is a good thing. 

Anyway, below are the food that 2 people consumed yesterday :) the food is so cheap compared to KK. 

Im so ready for day 2! weeeee~

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Universal Studio Singapore

It has been a week since my last post. I was suppose to post this a day after the last post but procrastination got the best of me.

So on the 3th of May, we were suppose to do 2 things which were 1) Collect race pack and 2) USS!!
We didnt get to collect our race pack that day because it was too far. By the time we get to USS it would be past noon. So we decided to just go to USS and collect our race packs the next day.

Me and Mas headed to Sentosa that morning. We were told that we can just show our USS ticket and we'll get a free ride all the way to USS. But that was not true for us. We had to purchase a ticket to ride the MRT that takes us to USS.

So we purchased our ticket through the kiosk and we're ready to board the MRT

We arrived "early". While waiting for Riz we took some photos around the area just to find out that Riz and his family was already inside USS LOL. 

So touristyyyyy

I just love the candy tree behind us. So pretttyyyyy

Happy chocolatey family
I would eat this up if you let me.
 One of the rides that I was looking forward to was the Transformers ride. It took us about 30 minutes to queue up before we were able to ride it. I was a bit sad the ride didnt last that long because it was soooo cool. If the queue wasn't that long I would've gone on the ride again.
Transformers ride!

Excited faces

Getting more excited after receiving our 3D glasses

This was outside the transformers ride, I wanted to take photo with it but the line was too long.
 After an hour or so spent on the Transformers ride alone, we were hungry and this was what I had for lunch. Oh, and we finally met up with Riz with his family and Josie (the lady in white, sitting next to me). Josie is Riz and Massy's friend who i got to know there :)


Huge popiah. It doesnt look huge here but it was.
Teriyaki chicken (i think that's what its call) and fried rice with mixed veges. It was good.. portion was not so :P
Me and Mas wanted to get on this but the queue, once again, was too friggin long. *sigh
So instead of going on the Canopy Flyer we went to Far Far Away land!

In front of the entrance to Far Far Away

We met Fairy God Mother! She was soo nice.. Some people wanted to jump queue but she let us take a picture with her first.

We even met Pinocchio!! We met him AFTER we came out of the castle to watch Shrek in 4D movie.
We left USS at about 4:30pm (if im not mistaken). By that time, my legs were sore from all the walking and queueing ups and i was getting worried because the marathon was the next day. We haven't run the marathon already our legs were sore.

Anyway, here are more pictures of our visit to USS

Say HI to the dinosaur behind me

Happy faces at Sesame Street

World's greatest girlfriend?

Some of the hats me and mas tried on

Gigantic Hershey syrup. This could last me a few years!

Yesss!! Im tall enough. LOL

I guess that's about it for my Universal Studio Singapore visit for 2014. If I come back, it will because of the rides that I missed. Especially Battlestar Galactica! It was closed that day..