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I just saw this movie last saturday with MJK. My admiration towards Ryan Reynolds work as an actor is up to a whole new level. His performance was awesome.

But what i didnt get was, why on earth did a happy song came up when the movie ended? it wasn't a happy ending. LOL!

Newest Member

My sister finally gave birth on the 14th of October 2010.

Introducing the new clan of the family:

Joshua Jaden. (2 weeks old)

Ain't he adorable? :)

The penguin shines across the loving hydrogen.

Yes. After all the years of blogging i have finally given in to making money through blogging. It's not that i don't have any source of income i just want to try out new things. If i can make some money through this then good. But if i don't it's still ok because i don't intend to make this as my main source of income.

The Penguins Shine Across The Loving Hydrogen

..and i want to shine like them. haha does that make any sense to you? :)

It's the middle of the week!


Lusciously Pink.

Yesterday was rather an interesting day for me. I was called downstairs to the reception area because someone wants to meet me. I was puzzled. Who on earth wants to meet me? at 4.00pm? So i went down and a lady was waiting for me and handed me a paperbag that has chocolates and perfume. Not just any perfume, it was Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey!! OMG! I have been looking (and wanting) that perfume! The lady said it was from a friend of mine, MK.

MK, if you're reading this thank very very very much. :) Because i was kind of hungry that time, the chocolates were gone in less than 30 minutes hahaha.

My Luscious Pink ;) And it's EDP (Eu de Parfum)

Mariah's signature butterfly mark.

I love my new scent. I have been wanting to get a new perfume this week but i guess i'll be saving some $$ :) If you were wondering what scent i was wearing before Luscious Pink it was Paco Rabanne's Black Xs, CK One Summer, and Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. Yea, all of them are at their last…

101010 Baby

My sister is due to give birth today, 101010. I really hope she does because then, the baby can really be called Baby Ben10 since she's pregnant with a boy this time. My nieces are already referring to the baby as baby ben10 so it would be really cool if she does give birth on this day!

I can't wait to see my 1st nephew! baby Ben10 hahahaha

Galactica Nite

Last weekend, i was in KL for the company's annual dinner. The theme was GALACTICA NITE. Alot of people dressed up according to the theme but there were alot of people who also dressed up not according to the theme, including me! :D

We arrived on friday and to be honest it was quite a rush. We reached our hotel at about 4pm and had to leave before 5pm (OMG!!) I planned to maybe get cleaned up first before dress and make-up but there was no time to waste. So as soon me and my roommates reached the room we laid everything out - makeup, dress, shoes. But we managed to get out of the room in less than 45minutes. AMAZING!

My face, no make-up yet but hair all set to party! haha.. This was taken in the plane. 11-ish a.m

The roomies getting ready. Mirror was small and there were 4 girls in the room. They should have had a bigger mirror.

Ta-da! me all ready. Don't mind those wet spots on my dress. They were from the sink.. the water from the faucet suddenly went crazy when i accidently tur…

1st Attempt M-Blogging

I'm at the exam room, invigilating exam. Urgh. I just hate invigilating. The worst thing is, the exam is 2 hours and 30 minutes long (8.30 - 11.00) and right after this, i have class at 11 freakin' a.m. *sigh* i know i shouldn't be complaining because it's my job and i should be doing it proud AND happy ALL THE TIME.. Not just sometimes, right?

Oh, i haven't blogged yet about my weekend trip to KL last weekend. I'll blog about it today. Later when i've finish conducting my 11am class. I'm actually blogging on my phone. Just testing if this goes through on my 1st attempt on mobile blogging!