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Merlion City

This weekend i will be going to Merlion City! Yes! Singapore!! I'm so happy i can be somewhere else for a change this weekend :) Since this is my first time to go to Singaore, I have prepared a list of places to go to. The list i got it from some travelling forum on the internet.

The list.

Anyhoo, on Monday (28th Feb) i will be having an appointment with a dermatologist at the hospital. I am kind of worried for what the verdict will be but at the same time, i am happy that i finally took action on this 'thing' i'm having. Sorry guys, i won't be revealing what 'thing' i'm having just yet :D I'll talk about it post-appointment hehehe.

Day 21 (21.02.11) : – A Photo of Something That Makes You Happy.

It's my baby nephew, Joshua that makes me happy. He's now 4 months plus and is now slowly learning to eat other foods besides milk.

Big eyes..

Being carried by grandma.

Spending time with this baby sometimes makes my maternal instinct inside of me to jump up. It makes me want to have a baby. Hmmmmnn.

Day 20 (20.02.11) : The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name.


I consider whatever i write on my blog (which comes from my mind) is the B-Side of my mind.

So what is the A-Side? The A-Side is everything that i say(which also comes from mind, obviously) in real life.

Simple, eh? :)

Day 19 (19.02.11) : Another Picture of Yourself.

Pictures were taken recently (12.02.11) i was going out to have Yoyo session with my girl friends.

Without flash

With flash.

I haven't applied lipstick yet. That explains the pale look :)

Day 18 (18.02.11) : Something You Crave A Lot.

I crave these foods! SO much!!

Combos snacks. So sad they're not available in KK. Gonna get some stock when i go to Singapore this weekend :) I heard it's available there.


Sadly i don't know how to make lasagna :( so how the hell can i crave for lasagna if i don't know how to make it? hehe.. i've got my cousin to make lasagna but she's been so lazy slaving for me. Hmm. I guess sooner or later i will have to learn to make my own lasagna.

Day 17 (17.02.11) : A Photo of You and Your Family.

This photo was taken in 2007. We even had to take 2 photos of us together because there were no one available at church (this photo was taken at church) to help us.

But it's the people who are in the picture what mattes :) Now, you know who are in my family.

Day 16 (16.02.11) : Your Celebrity Crush.

Chuck Hughes.

Who is Chuck Hughes you ask? He's the chef from Chuck's Day Out on AFC :D

You can check out his recipes here!

Below is a clip of how his Potato Mash Up.

Day 15 (15.02.11) : Something You Don’t Leave the House Without.

I don't leave the house without my blackberry. If i leave home without it, which is a rare case, i will feel like a part of me is missing. My blackberry i think is the best thing i've ever bought for myself. Everything now comes into my blackberry :) i rarely check my mails on my laptop these days because i can retrieve and reply them through my phone! facebook, twitter, foursquare.. everything on my phone! Yeay!

Day 14 (14.02.11) : A TV Show You’re Currently Addicted To.

This is easy:

1. Biggest Loser (US version. Asia version: blehh!)
2. Masterchef
3. Survivor (the new season of Survivor is now out! Survivor: Redemption Island)
4. Glee
5. American Idol

Day 13 (13.02.11) : Your Favorite Musician and Why?

Mariah Carey. I have ALL her albums and have been a fan since i was in highschool, probably at age 13? 14? Why she's my favourite musician is because she writes, sings AND produce her own songs! and the songs are nice! makes you want to repeat it over and over (well, atleast in my case :)

Regine Velasquez. My brother introduced me to the world of Philipino music when he was attending school there and i never looked back ever since. To be honest, i know more about the Philipino music scene than Malaysia's hahaha!

Why i am a fan of her's? the voice says it all.

She doesn't compose her own songs but she sings it like she owns it.

Day 12 (12.02.11) : A Photograph of the Town You Live In.

The town that I live in, Menggatal town. Famous for it's Ngiuchap. I am salivating just imagining ngiuchap at kedai kopi Nyuk Pau.

the outlet at Menggatal.


Stuffed Taufu

Kon lau men

(all pictures are not mine and are taken from google images -

Day 11 (11.02.11) : What's In Your Makeup Bag?

I usually bring a small makeup bag with me to work but i've upgraded it to a bigger pouch because the small one is always full and i can barely zip it up.

My new makeup bag is always full but i've put out the stuffs that i kind of rarely use out from the bag. So this is how my makeup bag looks like. A few lipstick (various brands from Maybelline, Silkygirl to Revlon), eyeshadow (Markwins), blusher by Silkygirl (tu besar2 nama brand dia) hehe.. i just like the shade of pink it has, so i bought it. To be honest, i don't really go for unknown brands because hey, it's your skin.. i think we girls need to take extra care of our skin. But for me, Silkygirl can be considered as a trusted brand in Malaysia. Facepowder by ZA, face blotters by Gatsby and concealing cream by Maxi-peel.

Day 10 (10.02.110 : A Photo of Your Favorite Place To Eat.

My favourite place to eat is Dairy Queen. OMG i can't get enough of DQ! But sadly in KK there is no DQ.. whyyyyy??? whyyyy???

The closest DQ i can go to is when i'm in the Philippines.

Everytime i'm in Manila, i will always get my dose of DQ!

But locally, since i'm a dessert kind of person.. i love Vedablue :)

So many flavours.. which one to choose??

Day 9 (09.02.2011) : A Photo of the Item You Last Purchased.

I recently bought this notebook at Debbie & Donna's garage sale yesterday for RM15.
I love the notebook's cover fabric.

Day 8 (08.02.11) : A Song To Match Your Mood.

I'm having some problem with the boyfriend. But i'm not gonna elaborate much on this. I don't know what's going to happen to us since a lot of issues came up and it has hurt me. I'm emotionally exhausted and the feeling that i once shared with him is fading away bit by bit.

Rihanna - Fading.

Day 7 (07.02.11) : Your Dream Wedding

Aah.. weddings!

I have been planning my 'dream wedding' since i was 12 years old. I believe every girl has been doing the same thing! A wedding will not be a wedding without a dress. My dream dress will be a dress that looks somewhat like Grace Kelly's wedding dress:

This style of dress will fit me so perfectly because 1) i'm such a vintage lover 2) 'menutup aurat' hehe. When i get married, I want the areas that should be covered, be decently covered.


Sunflowers. lots and lots of them!


Red, peach, yellow & orange + creamy off white color


The church that i attended since i was a kid up til now. The very same church where i was baptized as a Christian.


Since i love the beach it would be great to have a reception near the beach. :)

There will also be a lot of good music (recorded & live). Just writing this down makes me excited! haha.. but the reeeaaaallll question is: WHO WILL THE GROOM BE? hehe. Only God knows who :)

Day 4, 5 and 6 of 30 Day Challenge.

Day 4 (04.02.11) : Your Favorite Photo of Your Best Friend

I just love this picture of my bestfriends! Imelda, Myself! (yes, i AM my own bestfriend), April and Jessy Ann (JCN). All of us look so happy in the picture, plus the setting has a homey feel to it.


Day 5 (05.02.11) : A Photo of Yourself 2 Years Ago

This photo was taken 2 years ago while i was in Tagaytay, Philippines.


Day 6 (06.02.11) : A Photo of an Animal You'd Love to Keep as a Pet

I am a dog person, not a cat person. This dog is actually an Akita breed. If you have no idea on what an Akita breed is, it's the same dig breed from the movie "Hachiko" I cried everytime i see the movie. This kind of dog breed is my dream dog.

Day 1, 2, and 3 of 30 day Challenge

I totally forgotten about my 30-day blog challenge. Since it is only the 4th day of February, let me do some back posts okay? heheeee..

Day 1 (01.02.11) : A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

This was taken at Gunter's Gasthaus, where i had my tuesday breakfast.

That day, was a good day. Why? because it was the first time i came early at the office in a long time. My classes starts at 10 or 11am everyday and ends at 6pm or 7pm. So there's an excuse to come late. The only problem for coming late is parking! urgh. But that particular day was a happy day, 1) me and my friends had breakfast til 10pm hahaha 2) Students were on their CNY break. So no lectures that week! yay!

So is there a reason to NOT be happy? :)


Day 2 (02.02.11) : A photo of something you ate today.

I had maggie for lunch. No, this is not the actual maggie that i had. But i think this is the closest to the actual maggie that i h…