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Crying No More.

When a woman stops crying
You best believe she has a new plan
She's preparing for something new
Something that doesn't include you
When a woman cease to cry
She's 'bout ready to say goodbye.



The moment i saw this card at a christian bookstore in Wisma Merdeka i just knew i have to have this. So i bought it and it is now serving me as bookmark in my Bible.

Trusting in God is one of the hardest thing to do as a Christian. Don't get me wrong, I believe in God, i know He created the universe and all human beings. I just sometimes don't understand the term "Trust God". Trust Him with what? I understand that when I pray and ask God to help me, I hope that He hears me and I hope that maybe He’ll see things my way…and maybe grant me what I ask Him. But I learned long ago…that He doesn’t always answer me, so I don’t expect too much from Him. Trust God? I’m trying. I’m really trying. It’s just very hard.

This is when our faith weakens, when we feel like nothing's happening. When our prayers go unanswered. But, something is happening. God wants to see if we will still trust Him even if our prayers don’t turn out the way we want. He is trying to help us grow in ou…

Random Things In My Room

In this post, i am going to show all you all some things that are in my room. Things that i use in a daily basis or things that are somewhat important in my daily life. Or things that i find to be just straight down cute.

I read this every night to feed my spirit and warm my heart (says the book)

My (still) empty piggy bank. I make sure i put the week's remaining coins inside. I'm starting to save up :)

Pictures! (of me, ofcourse)
Books! I read alot and this is just a small portion of my books in my room
My blue stability ball that i do crunches on.. every now and then to get a flat stomach kunun! haha
Polka-dot cloths that i bought in the Philippines in June. I still haven't made up my mind on the design. I know it's gonna be something vintage-looking, but i haven't finalized my thoughts on the style and design.
My ballerina pen, which ended up being an accessory on my desk rather than functioning as a real pen.
Smily flowers. This was given to me during my graduation …

Never Give Up

I feel kind of mellow today, been listening to some Regines. I just love the sound of guitar pluckings combined with a good voice like hers. Since sharing is caring.. here it is.


I can tell it's gonna be
Another night alone
And I don't have the energy
To go out on my own
When you go, I just want to hide
I'll keep goin' , Im locked up here inside

But I will never give up, I'll never give up,
I'll never believe that love just fades away.
I'll never give up, never give up
I'll never give up.

In the middle of the night
I wanna reach for you
I'm so uneasy when you go
i don't know what to do
It's so hard, just to go til then
I'm not happy til i'm home safe and sound

I'll never believe that love just fades away.
I'll never give up, I'll never, never give up
That love just fades awaay..
I'll never believe that love just fades away.
I'll never give up
Never believe that love just fades away.

Forgotten Pictures of Gayaratau

So i was browsing through my photo albums in my computer and came across these photos. I totally forgot to blog about our trip to Gayaratau. This was in May! hahaa..Anyway, a short description about the trip:

All of us there in the picture are workmates (except for Diviannah - a colleague's sister) we all went to Gayaratau for swimming and barbeque at the river. It was raining season that time so the river water was quite heavy and there were some parts that were so deep. We had fun jumping in and out of the river.

At the corner of the road, waiting for the rest to get to the juncture. we were early :)
We couldn't go to the river using the Savvy so we had to wait for another car to get us there.
I seriously don't remember why i was laughing so hard haha.. While waiting for our car, we saw a small bridge nearby and we all went there like sakais hehe
Jagung bakar.. yum!

Eating barbequed corn straight from the burner!


There is one place in the river that is so deep, but obvi…

Kaamatan Gawai Celebration

Last sunday, the company that i am work for had a dual (Kaamatan & Gawai) celebration at Putera Ballroom. I apologize for the very late post of this event. Anywayyyy, pictures!! loads of them.

The CEO of the company, Dato' Edmund Santhara giving his speech.

Desi & Elmy

The Bobohizans

A Sarawakian dance.. i forgot the name of the dance hehe

Del & Bel

Esther OIAM was one of the entertainers that night.


Imelda & I

With one of my student

Bel, Bev & Angel

The Cheong Sam girls

Angel, Nat & I

Vijay wearing a Sarawakian costume
This is what i call 1Malaysia :)



The people at my table..

With gorgeous Elmy.

Oh, i almost forgot to mention that I performed that night :) The performance was a little different than usual because we sang with the choir as the background singers. I dont have any pictures of my performance so, yeah.

Ok people, it's almost 4.30pm which means, time to go home!! :)

The Link Between Being Nice & Trojans.


..but it wasnt on Thursday night. I watched it on Saturday night with my cousins. All 7 of us had to catch the midnight show at 12am because we went to church first for the evangelistic meeting.
Since it was still early, i decided to get an hour or so of sleep while the rest of them watched X-Men on TV but i dont think they were watching the movie, they were too noisy but i did manage to sleep through the noise hehe.

After the movie, my 16 year old cousin told us that he was feeling dizzy haha.. I loved the movie. I never paid that much attention to a movie (apart from Avatar) :) I like the fact that you need to concentrate on the movie in order for you to understand it. Movies that make you think.. i like! :)

On a different story, a friend of mine asked if i have New Moon movie. I said i'll have to check first on my external hard disk. I lended my external hard disk to a different friend last week, thought that her laptop would be 'clean'. When i…

Eclipse, And The Dilemma Of Inception.

It's 2.33pm and i just came back from the movies :-D yes, i spent my lunch break at the movies watching.. *drum roll* ECLIPSE!!! wooot wooott!!

After the last installment of Twilight, i didnt think the next one would be nice that is why when Eclipse came out the same week as Despicable Me, I opted to watch the latter. OMG..OMG..OMFG!!! I HEART ECLIPSE! Let's not talk about New Moon because for me, it was a disaster. pffffttt!!

I can't wait for the next installment of the Twilight Saga - BREAKING DAWN! I think i know why i fell in love with Eclipse and not with New Moon. It's because i read New Moon before the movie and i know every part by detail (just like in the book) but when the movie came out, it didnt reach my expectations. So this time around, i didnt even bother finishing the Eclipse book. I only read half of it because i didnt want to get dissapointed again. I've got all four books laying neatly on my bookshelf but i dont think i'll be reading them anyti…

Evangelistic Meeting

There is an evangelistic meeting going on in our church from the 9th of July until the 24th of this month. The speaker, Mr Pedro Moraes is a senior theology student from Sao Paolo University, Brazil. I have already attented twice. I couldnt attend monday's session because there was this flood thing. Last night, i didnt attend it again not because i didnt want to but because my parents were bringing the truck instead of the Vigo, i could drive my own car to church but i was kind of lazy to hehe.

Cousin Beevy & I, after the meeting on friday. The aircond was super cold that night..

I was late that morning, so my parents left me (look at my face, i didnt even get to put on any make-up). luckily there is a 'second trip' that i could follow that morning.

Posing outside of the church, right after service..

This niece of mine already knows how to pose! and she's barely 2! Look how feminine she could pose haha..

Here are the details just in case anyone of you are interested i…

A Diet Gone Bad.

So last night i went to the movies with my brother to watch Despicable Me. I love the movie.. so funny! :)

Anyway, since i'm now trying to lose some weight i am now so carefully selective on what i eat. So before we left home to the movies i ate a plate of papaya:

Wahh, so healthy!!!! i was so proud of myself. Then came the thinking, what if i get hungry in the cinema? i dont want to go out and buy a box of popcorn during the movie.. so i packed keropok inside a ziplock bag:

..and i finished it all by myself.

Diet rosak terus! hahaa... so much for dieting, huh?