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Friday evening run

I rarely run on friday but i did yesterday, while waiting to meet someone at 7pm. Although i started at 6:30pm i manages to pull a 6km.

I'm glad i ran yesterday because the weather was so great, the sunset we had was spectacular!


I was suppose to eat this for lunch but i got hungry at 10:30am hehe.. My breakfast at 7:30am was mango & pineapple smoothie with 3 Jacob's High fiber, low salt crackers.

My body still needs time to adjust to this change im having.. It's just a matter of time :)

THE Sticky Bun

I was watching the Food Network this evening when the sticky bun recipe came up. It made me salivate, like seriously! She even beat Bobby Flay on the Food Network's Throwdown with this sticky bun. I found the recipe and again, I am gonna try it. I think there is like half a dozen of recipes that I am waiting to try..

It's already 9:11pm and I need to sleep early. Gonna wake up early tomorrow morning for my weekend run. See, after the Borneo International Marathon last May me and my friends signed up for the TMBT Ultra Marathon challenge but we signed up for the 25km. I don't think I'm ready to go beyond 25km yet hehehe.

I hope this slight headache that I am having right now won't worsen by tomorrow morning or else I will probably have to cancel my run *fingerscrossed!*

Feast your eyes on the stickybun.. I hope you won't be salivating on the picture haha!

Sabbath Greetings

Happy Blessed Sabbath to all who observes... And have a great weekend to everyone!

Produced by Faith

I have purchased this book online 2 weeks ago, since then I have been anticipating to start reading this book. I first heard about this from facebook where my cousin posted a clip from youtube about DeVon telling Oprah about the Sabbath. At first I wasn't interested to watch the clip but after a week or so, I somehow learned that DeVon was the Vice President of Columbia Pictures in Hollywood and he's an Adventist? That made me go back to the clip that was posted by my cousin and I watched it til the end. That wasn't enough and so I researched about the book. After reading excerpts of it and feedbacks from people on the internet I decided that I am going to get that book. 
If you're wondering what the book is all about, it is about:
How to discover The Big Idea for your lifeHow to take your career to the next level How to recognize the signs God sends you that indicate when it’s time to move in a new directionHow to stand firm on your Christian principles without compr…

Pumice Stone Online Facebook Seller A Liar

Seems like everyone is selling something on facebook these days. I came across this pumice stone picture that was tagged under a friend on facebook, when i read the comments I was shocked to learn that they were selling 1 pumice stone for RM9.90!!! And the testimonies that they tell on their comments were lies! They claimed that with only 1 rub all the rough, cracked heels were gone. If your heels aren't that cracked and it doesn't have any dirt between the cracks of course it might not be as difficult to remove as compared to the ones that are more serious. But the lady claimed her cracked, rough heels are serious. 
What a liar.

So people, don't believe in everything that people claim to be real on the internet especially in facebook. Do your research first before deciding on purchasing it.

The Baker in Me

I am a REALLY big fan of cheesecakes and I found a really interesting recipe called "Salted Caramel Cheesecake" Don't you think it's just scrumptious? I do. That is why I am planning to try out the recipe.. as usual, I will let you all know how it turns out ONCE I've made it :)
Below are some of the bakings in the past that I have done..

The photos above are just some of the bakings that I've done. Sure I had my share of days where they didn't turn out they way I expected it to be and yes, I got dissapointed but that is when I get to think where did I go wrong so that the next time I won't do the same thing over again.
I do sell my bakings but it is by order. See, baking is just for fun. However, if I could make some profit out of this hobby of mine, well why not right? Some people even commented that I can open up a bakery with my mom already but I don't think it's gonna happen soon since I have a daytime job and mommy have her own thing to…

Shake 'N Take Blender

This finally arrived at my place today. I am SO happy! I haven't tried it yet though but I will tomorrow morning! I checked what fruits were in my kitchen and I found Papaya and Pineapples. I think I'll try to make papaya and carrot smoothie. We'll see how it turns out tomorrow!