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Carbs for my love

I'm almost 8 months post-partum. To be honest I sill haven't gotten back into my pre-pregnancy weight. I tried dieting but since i'm breastfeeding it's so hard. I get hungry easily LOL. Dieting for me means not taking much carbs like rice but the thing is, rice especially  brown rice is my milk booster. The other day, I only had fruit juice for breakfast and fried spaghetti for lunch. I pumped for 40 minutes and got only 1oz.

Diet plays a significant role in producing milk so I can't afford to diet now. So this morning I had oat + banana smoothie for breakfast and brown rice for lunch. This afternoon, I pumped nearly 5oz.. I'm one happy mommy!

I learned that different people will have different type of milk booster food. When my baby was still a newborn, I was told to drink young papaya soup. I tried but the result wasn't as good as oats and rice for me. Oh, and drink lots of fluid :)
The truth is, you don't need to spend alot of money on those milk boo…

4 years hiatus... and i'm back!

Finally I've figured out Blogger LOL. I actually had given up on it and moved to Wordpress but I find the interface to be not as user friendly as Blogger. So this morning after my morning class I worked on it and here I am :) My new blog on Wordpress was called "Pammie knows it all". I think i'll retain this blog's name because this blog has historyyyyyy.. let it stay as it is lah kan. So yeah, I just want to say...
Thank God I didn't delete this blog last time :) So stay tuned OK because i'll be posting more updates on this blog starting TODAY
P/s- I guess the other blog has to go LOL. 
Til the next post!