Friday, July 15, 2011

Self-help Books.

In this month alone, i have already purchased 3 books and all of them are self-help books:

1. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus
2. Mars and Venus on a date

..and the most recent one i bought, is:

3. Why men love bitches.

I got this book last night at 1Borneo's Times bookstore. It cost RM60 but i think it is worth every cent. It made me realize a few things that i never really thought of myself to be. In chapter two of the book, there were some yes or no questions for the readers to answer. Guess what? i answered ALL of them YES! OMG!!!

I AM A GOOD GIRL!!! I am wayyy too nice. Being nice is nice, but being too nice is dangerous and that's what i've been doing all this while. The things is, when i like a guy, i can't help but be nice and accommodating, which leads me to being completely taken for granted. Every freaking time when he calls, i will drop whatever i was doing, no matter what the circumstances, and go see him. I was being motherly, and took care of his needs. Now that i'm here, i'm thinking "why the hell did i be so motherly? he has his mother for crying out loud!". If i don't cater to his needs, he'll be putting words into my head that suggest i am not being a good girlfriend or companion whatever. I've been selling myself too low for too long and it only shows how weak of a woman i am when it comes to men. I will ignore my feelings, opinions etc just to avoid arguments. Ohmygawwwd!

I've only reached chapter 3 already i find it terrifyingly true! This book is genius, an eye opener. I recommend every girl out there to get a copy of this book.

Like, now.

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