TMBT Ultra Marathon 2012

With Daphne, my running partner (before the flag off)
One before the race begins

On my way to KM25
Yeay! I did it!
Another challenged conquered for this year. I have finally joined an Ultra Marathon that was held in Kundasang, Ranau. The category i signed up was 25KM but it was raised to 27KM but according to my GPS it was more than 28KM... I don't know which one to believe but I am just happy and relieved to cross the finish line. 

What I now understand about Ultra Marathons is that it is way different than regular marathons. Different in a sense that it is more challenging, not just physically but also to your mental state. A friend of mine told me prior to the race "kasi kuat saja mental kau... buli tu". At first i didnt really understand what she meant by that but now I understand hehe.

After the physical and mental torture last weekend, am i still interested in joining it next year? Hell yes. In fact, i probably will join the 50KM category.


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