Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Car Problem

Today i had some "business" at KK and guess what? along the way to KK my car died twice! Luckily i brought a friend with me. The first time that it died, i was so scared for my life, there was smoke coming out of the hood..and i thought the car was going to explode. we quickly got out and i put my hazard lights on but i still had myself together. It turns out that i had a wiring problem. But i had it fixed in less than 30 minutes or so. The second time..OMG! i almost was reduced to tears. I was so frustrated because i just got the wiring problem fixed. So my friend called a friend who told me to check the fusebox so i checked it, did as i was told to and my car was good to go :-D

To the cars who honked at me *note: honk in this post, means cursing.. car cursing (u know when u are annoyed with some driver while driving and then u honk them to show that you're annoyed with them? ahh.. thats the type of honks i got just now) i hope your car dies on you tomorrow

.. And i mean it! *evil grin*

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Anonymous said...

hahaha..i cant imagine macammana muka ko time tu..