Summer Vacation Revisited

I know i haven't said anything about my trip to the Philppines last month its because im so busy with work i have no time to really sit down and think of words to write sometimes *sigh* I have uploaded pictures in my facebook account, though. So do i need to upload them here? hehe, ni kes malas ba ni lol! ;-P they're so many i dont know which one to pick.. its a tough call but somebody's gotta do it and the best person to do it is me. Okaylah, let me be rajin for just a few minutes for the upload. They're small though so just click on any picture below for a better view on it.. :)

If you're asking how was the trip? as usual, it was superb! cant wait to go back again.. :)

♥ P.


Kal-El said…
try coming to Cebu next time ;)
Pammie said…
Yea, sure! :)

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