On Leave + Hiatus

I'm on leave for a week and will be back in the office next week. I should be happy right? isn't this what i want? yea.. but minus all the physical pain im suffering right now. *sigh* ive got a big blister near my right thumb, i accidently sliced my middle finger (left hand) just now and it just wont stop bleeding. Its been like, 5 hours and im getting a bit worried. I might bleed to death! (ok, maybe im a bit exagerrating here but its all because im worried)


Oh and i think ive sprained my left shoulder :( i am in so much pain right now i need someone to kiss the pain away.. uiseh heheh. :P

It's kinda hard for me to blog in this condition, im taking a short hiatus until my hands are healed.

Til we meet again in the blogosphere.. tata!

♥ P.


Kal-El said…
get well quick!

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