End of April.

Today was the last day of my training for the Borneo International Marathon happening this sunday. I have run for four days in a row and i think it is time for me to give myself a rest because my muscles are a bit sore right now, and i dont want to be running this sunday with sore muscles.

I do my running at Tanjung Lipat. I so love it there.. running while enjoying the sunset in the evening, wow. The only thing i find so annoying are the cars on the road honking or calling out to us. *sigh* never seen people jogging meh? But as always, i just ignore them.

Anywayyys since i haven't uploaded any pictures for a while, here are some pictures taken at the office this week by a colleague of mine who brought his DSLR camera and decided to play with it at the office.

Hahahaa... Tokoh Guru Tadika Cemerlang ahhhh??!! ;-P

(some of) My colleagues

There's a bunch of pictures i copied from the "photographer" but i can't find the time to resize and upload them. I'll post them in the next post.. soon :-) If you are listed as one of my friend on facebook you could just see how wacko we all are in the office. I am beginning to like the new place, the environment and also the people there compared to 2 months ago when i first came in :)


I'm so tired. I think this is about it for updates tonight. Gonna watch some CSI and then sleeep.. Goodnite people!!


Anonymous said…
Good morning! All the best for the marathon. Btw, you can always jog at Likas park, or Bukit Padang for a more quieter run. Less pollution summore. Hehe.
san ling said…
Finally, a kindred spirit...visit me at johorkia.blogspot.com....

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