Friday, April 9, 2010

Losing At His Own Game.

Remember the boy who claimed that Catholic church is the true church? and all other Christian denominations are false churches of God? well, today i went to his facebook page and look what i found:

..OMG! how can he say that? about God!

*scroll down*

I think he's just doing this to get the attention of God. Maybe you're wondering why he's all upset and all. Well, it's because his nephew (i think) has converted his faith from Catholic to SIB (Sidang Injil Borneo). He says that God doesnt answer prayers, God doesnt listen therefore God does not exist. God does answer prayers.. even in his case. He just isn't listening. Or maybe he's tuned in to another channel? i dont know but God really does answer prayers. A "NO" is also an answer. When you dont get the answer that you want, you say that God doesnt answer prayers.. you just have to keep an open mind on things like these. God has a plan for everyone. When you dont get the answer that you want from Him, it means that God has a bigger plan for you. I know this because i have been through this road many times but still my faith in Him is still strong because i keep on believing that God has a bigger plan for me.

Is he stupid or what? If you send Him an email or sms? hahahaha... on the hurricane thingy, all i can say is, "be careful of what you wish for.. you may not like it if you really get it"

..wait, isn't he the one who was the almighty, all-knowing godly person i once talked about on my blog? Now he's the one who's completely lost his faith (and mind!). This is what i call a Jesus freak gone cuckoo!

He snapped and finally lost it.

See ya, never want to be ya!

♥ P.


det @ oyo said...

one of his friend commented on his status...he said :

"Ian Nima Loo :
stop posting dude.. ur gonna piss the SIB's off.."

this is what he replied :

"Paul Martin Goukum : i care...because i still believe that The Truth rests in the Catholic Church..."

and his friend reply again...:

"Ian Nima Loo :
gangster betul u this.. mentang2 ur tat's more then mine.."

and again...Paul reply :

"Paul Martin Goukum :
if they marah...then wat's the use of their God teaching them about love?hahaha...God is shit lol.."

and the last comment i saw fron his status is :

"Ian Nima Loo :
teaching is teaching
but human tetap human.. like u.. apa guna ko brabis boom boom pow at fb when u kena ajar untuk bertahun tahun untuk dont keep grudge.."

duhhh...he's becoming more and more INSANE everyday...getting his 1st class ticket to hell...and VIP room.

im praying that God will lead him back to the right path...amen.

det @ oyo said...

this is his latest status he posted :

"Paul Martin Goukum :
fuck God!i am too nice i am fooled!" this poor kid

Anonymous said...

hahaha. what a guy. He's acting and with a face like that, looking more and more like a weirdo.

Zoi said...

hai del..ntah apa sdh jadi sama si Paul ni. Dia cakap itu ini di fb pasal agama. Dia langsung nda fikir apa orang lain fikir terutamanya non-christian..memalukan kita ja. Harap2 satu hari dia sedar la.

Pammie Pajammie said...

Hi Zoi.. ya ba, hopefully one day he'll come back to his senses. Dia main lepas cakap ja tia pernah fikir panjang. And yea, it's an embarrassment having him as a christian doing things like that. Not showing christian behavior at all tapi claim dia la yang paling holy. tsk tsk tsk