Hand Phone Organizer!

I saw this on Facebook (yea, facebook has become a market place!) and i want one!!

I'm gonna get myself this red one. I like striking colors.

This is how it is in the inside. I choose this two handphone compartment (You can choose a two or three compartment organizer) because I have 2 handphones hehe.

This is all i need to bring everything (money, cards, handphones) with me. As of right now, everything is in my bag. Somewhere inside. When my phone rings, i'll be digging my bag for the phone hahaha. The same goes with my keys and my purse. ;-P
So you see, i really really need this.

Oh, and by the way i'll be going to Labuan again this Thursday and Friday for outstation duties - the last one of the year! I like going to Labuan but the downside to this coming trip is that, i'm broke! *sigh*



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