Thursday, December 18, 2008

All I Want For Christmas

Soon it's Christmas.. only 6 days from today. So what do I want for christmas? Hmm.. WORLD PEACE mwahhahaha. Thats the most irritating answer anyone can give. OK, on a serious note all i want for christmas is this:

In this entry, i would like to wish everyone


2008 has really been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. Ive been through a lot and i have also gained a whole lot of experiences, be it good or bad. I take it all in. I believe that what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger. In this entry, i would like to point out the highlights AND downlights of 2008 in my life.


1. Completed my masters in business administration (specializing area: entrepreneurship) (yeayy)

2. Graduated with my fellow classmates -- you guys know who you are (double yeayy -- no more exams)

3. Travelled to the Philippines (again!) but this time my bestie followed :-)

4. Got myself a job

5. Overcame my fear of being on stage (i had to defend my thesis last june infront professionals in the field, and i requested to the music director of the church to put me in the singing schedule more, oh and since october i have been lecturing)


1. Ive parted ways with my beloved car (its an old car, i know but it served me well)

2. Ive been stabbed in the back by people who i thought were "friends" heh, friends indeed eh?

3. The drepressing times of making a thesis (yes, now i know it is not easy to produce one. Ive cried, ive complained, ive been through hell -- all thanks to a very, extremely fussy supervisor )

Although there is not much downlights, which is a good thing.. emotionally i feel i have gone through a lot. It is such a sad thing when friends stab their friends in the back. It's a painful process but like i said what doesnt kill you only make you stronger.

Looking back at last year's resolution i think i did pretty well in accomplishing it. Except for the "finding myself a reaaaaallllllll boyfriend" part hahaha. Yep.. still got not much luck in that department :-P

So my resolution for 2009 will be..

BOYFRIEND HUNTING! mwahahahhaa. Nahh, kidding. I know it'll creep up to me in due time.. so no worries :-) On what my resolution will be.. im still thinking. Will update you guys on it once finalized.

Have a wonderful day ya'll.. i know i wont. Got a pile of papers to mark *boo-hoo*


Gallivanter said...

I want a DSLR too. Also, I suggest don't get the 100D, apparently, it's Canon's WEAKEST DSLR to date. Maybe top up your moolah a little, and get 450D.

Merry X'mas!

Pammie said...

Really it is? hmm.. im gonna consider it. Thanks for letting me know ;-)