Hello 2011!

I have been neglecting this blog for some time and I'M SORRY!!!

There were just too many things going on i hardly had the time to update this little blog of mine. But that is gonna change now that it's 2011!

I'm going to sum up my 2010 through the HIGHS and LOWS that have occurred in my life the previous year. Here goes.


1. I switched companies! To a waaaayyy much greener pasture, i must say :)

2. I found new friends that i can say turned out to be my best friends and i found them here at my new work place!

3. I joined my 1st marathon! (Borneo International Marathon - 10km category) AND earned my 1st medal for it!

4. I sang with a Brazilian pastor-to-be!

5. Launched my online business (Della Rheese Boutique)

6. Found love.. my MJK :)


1. I realize that my friend who i assumed as my best friend all these years wasn't my bestfriend after all. Sad. :-|

2. I found out that some people at my old workplace made up some nasty rumors about me having some kind of scandal with students (wth????) while i was still working there. Dumb rumor. But still, it hurts to know about it since that person was someone who i called as 'friend' last time.

3. Parted ways with my singing partner extraordinare - Bob, who went back to the Philippines. Thus, the end of "CrossingBorders"

This is all that i can think of! looks like 2010 was a GOOD year, since the highs exceeds the lows.

I know readers love reading blogs with pictures and that, i am going to do starting from now on! :) (i mean, wait til the next post hehe)

I don't know what 2011 has in store for me but i'm hoping and praying that it will be a much better year than last year, although last year was good.



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