Gayana Island + Bunga Raya Resort

Last year in December me and my singing group including a choir group from Tamparuli went to Gayana Island and Bunga Raya Resort for some carolling (talk about killing two birds with 1 stone!). It was a great experience going on that trip with friends. Especially when a friend of mine who just came back from Japan came along on that trip.

Valentino, my friend who just came back from Japan at the back. We were just about to leave the jetty.

The choir singing together on a few Christmas songs.

Witness Wide in action at Bunga Raya Resort.

At Bunga Raya Resort.. taking a shorrrrrrttt break from singing.

Time to go home. It was raining, so we were given a poncho.

Haha.. like PTI's :-P

Valentino and I..

Although the weather was bad that night, I still think it was an enjoyable moment because it was spent with friends. Somemore, it was my first time carolling at islands, infront of tourists!


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