THE Sticky Bun

I was watching the Food Network this evening when the sticky bun recipe came up. It made me salivate, like seriously! She even beat Bobby Flay on the Food Network's Throwdown with this sticky bun. I found the recipe and again, I am gonna try it. I think there is like half a dozen of recipes that I am waiting to try..
Joanne Chang's famous stickybun

It's already 9:11pm and I need to sleep early. Gonna wake up early tomorrow morning for my weekend run. See, after the Borneo International Marathon last May me and my friends signed up for the TMBT Ultra Marathon challenge but we signed up for the 25km. I don't think I'm ready to go beyond 25km yet hehehe.

I hope this slight headache that I am having right now won't worsen by tomorrow morning or else I will probably have to cancel my run *fingerscrossed!*

Feast your eyes on the stickybun.. I hope you won't be salivating on the picture haha!


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