Sundown Marathon 2014

Sundown Marathon went down last saturday. I call it my Kaamatan run because it fell on the 31st of May. Since the last marathon i ran was Borneo International Marathon on the 4th of May, I was really feeling confident on this one because the marathon was at night, no crazy heat like BIM. Although it WAS at night the only challenge was keeping yourself awake during the run. While everybody was asleep on their comfortable beds, we were running. The full marathon category started at 11:30pm on the 31st of May and of course we ran until the next day, the 1st of June. It took me about 6 hours 47minutes to complete the race. Slightly better timing than my BIM - 7 hours plus. I had to walk 12 friggin kilometers during BIM because I had blisters on both of the soles of my foot. I would show you the blisters on my foot but the image is too graphic, I wouldnt want to scare my readers away hehehe.

Back to the marathon. Like i said, the marathon was at night but boy was it humid. The drizzle of rain and the gush of wind starting at KM12 or 13 was like, heaven sent. Since we were running at night, my eyelids were closing but my mind was still awake. I had to stop at one of the water stations and pour water on my face. Just to wake myself up. I felt a sting on my eyes.. It was the salt from my sweat. Good. That'll keep me awake. And it did. The route at the park was never ending! oh man.. we covered like 20 kilometers (or more, i think) just in the park alone. I was running solo without any pacers because I told Rizzy and Massy that I'll be running my own pace. My preparation for the marathon was very minimal I didn't have ANY long distance running prior to the event. I did however run 8km and 6km days before the event. I wasnt expecting a PB but I was, however expecting a better time than my BIM2014 timing, and I did manage to do that. Yeay!

The last 500meters to the finishing line, I ran as fast as I can because I just wanted it to end after hours of running/ walking. When it finally ended, it felt like a dream. It was surreal, wow I just conquered 42.195KM. AGAIN. Twice in 1 month. AAAAAAAAAAnnnnd without proper training. Suicide mission. But I survived somehow hehe

OK enough of the talking, let's see some pictures shall we? The pictures below were taken using iPhone 5S, Sony Experia Z2 and iPhone 4.

Met Mohan during the race pack collection.
My 3rd Full Marathon and 1st International marathon
Faces before the race.. #AUSFians
10KM away from the finishing line!!

1KM away! yeayyy.. even though my nose was kembang kempis already, selfie tetap juga!
I did it! 42.195KM conquered in Singapore. My 1st international marathon
Kaki sakit tapi masih mau lompat-lompat hehe
Our podium picture hehe.. tapunnnn

Met up with Mohan again after the race. This time we just need to get our Sabah flag out. Thanks Rizzy for bringing the flag :)

The 100 plus drink was soooo yummy. I asked for 2 cans of 100 plus and 1 bottle of mineral water but I only ended up drinking only 1 can. Rizzy can't be bothered with his flag.
Mas and I before we head to the F1 pit building
I can't explain Rizzy's expression.
This was my best friend after the race. Applied it on my legs and went to bed. I had the best 3 hours of sleep of my life

Sundown Marathon would probably be my last road marathon until 2016. Not because im sick and tired of joining marathons but because I just dont have any time to train for a marathon. My classes are in the weekend (saturdays & sundays) and i can't commit to weekday runnings too when I have term papers and/ or presentations to prepare for the weekends. That's just my school work. Ive got bakings and my day job to catch up. So it is impossible to fit in EVERYTHING into my schedule. The burden is too overwhelming. I will still be running in the weekdays when I have time because hey, you gotta have some exercise in your life right? 


Rizwan said…
nice pammie. very nice. honestly i too can't explain the expression no recall ever doing it..
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