Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Apple Pie

Since i have ALL the time in the world, i decided to do some baking last friday. what did i baked? APPLE PIE! i had absolutely no trouble with the filling, but i did encountered some problem when it came to the crust. The verdict? well, because it WAS my 1st attempt.. the filling wasn't sweet enough and the crust was a bit thick and hard. Mom said maybe it was because i did more than enough kneading on it.

Last night, after making dinner for the family i made another apple pie hehehe. I wasnt satisfy with the 1st one. This time around, for filling i used brown sugar instead of the normal white sugar. I still had problems with the crust :( thats why the crust doesnt look pretty hehehe. Guess i'll have to do more practice on it. After 2 attempts of apple pie making, i dont want to do another apple pie.. the next pie im going to do is BUKO PIE! (BUKO = COCONUT). Buko pie can be easily found anywhere in the philippines.. ang sarap!

Here are the pictures of the 2 pies ive made..

Pie in the oven

The 1st pie

The 2nd pie.. fresh from the oven

I told ya it was good despite the bad crust hehe. This was taken the next morning.. i woke up and half of the pie was already eaten.

My slice of pie.. for breakfast :-D

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