Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Lunch

My parents threw a thanksgiving party for me and my brother last monday (1st Sept 08).. i didnt invite any of my friends (other than church friends) because it was supposed to be a family & closest friends (of my parents) party only. That morning, me and mom went to Hyatt to pick up the cake that was ordered. My mom told them we're picking it up at 10 but it turns out that the lady wrote down on the paper 11 o'clock so we had to wait. So like it or not, we had to wait for 1 freaking hour. On the way home, dad call and asked us to run 1 more errand. OK, so i did it and i reached home at 12.30. I felt like i didnt want to attend the party.. i felt like a wreck. I had tummy ache, it was my first day of period, my shoulders hurts, and my right pointing finger was swollen. But i did get ready and since i promised mom early in the morning that im going to be happy that day, i dragged myself to the bathroom and took a cold shower and got ready :-D

OK, im going to shut up right now hehe. Here are pictures!!

Me and my (believe or not) grandson from Goshen, Kota Marudu. I'm a grandmama hahaha

I slept late the night before and had to wake up early that morning! Luckily there was 2 little helpers helping me heheheh..

Rich fruit cake with cheese frosting.. yummy!

Dad. Giving a speech

People listening to what my dad has to say

My cousin, Joycelyn

Lianney and I

My cousins

Cake cutting

Blue berry cheese (My mom made)

Durian cake (also done by my mom)


Kenny and Duane

Bernard & Uncle Bounar

Davelyn and I

Cousin Donny a.k.a Gombura

Dad and his durian

I love my cakes!

I jumped infront of my sister as she was about to snap picture ahahaha



CinDutt said...

hey pammie congratulations on ur graduation... saw ur name on the newspaper... ALL THE BEST FOR YOU!!!

lenno_cornish said...

It's so pleasant to gather together on such holidays. All the nearest and dearest surround you. Sometimes only such holidays can unite people together after many years.

Pammie said...

Thanks cinduttt!! you know what? i myself didnt saw the newspaper..i only heard from people that our names were on the newspaper :(

Thanks for dropping by Lenno.. ya. it IS pleasant to gather around family and close friends.