Monday, September 15, 2008


The next day, we (witness wide) had to go to SASS, Tamparuli to sing again because the school (SASS) was having it's annual Alumni Homecoming program. We were among the many singing acts that performed that day. Im not an alumni of the school, but my parents are so it was nice to see them meet their old friends and listen to their stories when they were younger hehe. I also met and old friend of mine, Mark who i knew since i was a baby. He was my first friend (or should i say, babyfriend?hehe) back when we were in the States. Below are pictures that i grabbed from my ate & kuya's DSLRs.
Witness Wide (missing 2 members though)
The tenors (Bandy & Kenny)

I was told to give my 'posingan maut' by Josherli
Shy Kimberly
I said "give me mikikiut" and they did this
Kuya Kenny
We're bringing sexy back
Sharoline and I
Ate Josie
Markiiie! my 1st and oldest friend of my life..we've known each other since babies.
It was so hot that day, and it made us so sweaty. I was sweating like a pig, luckily i was wearing black!

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