Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last Saturday.

So last saturday, Witness Wide went to sing at Alamesra. We attended church there with the IPTA and IPTS students. It was freezing cold! My nails were blue when service ended hahaha. The last time i was there, the airconditioner wasn't blowing that cold, if i knew it was going to be THAT cold, i sure will wear something thick :-D

After having our service there, we had a little potluck get-together with the students then we had to rush back home to get changed. we had another 'singing gig' at Likas Adventist Church.

This was before we went on stage

Ms. Sharoline Benggon, with me smiling in the background hehehehe

Think i'm dancing? wrong. i was spinning around to make my skirt look that way :-P

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