Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She Works Hard For The Money

If you ask me how's life as a lecturer? hmm, i'll answer TIRING! i dont know about other lecturers but for me, having to study all those stuff that you've learned in your diploma days (the stuff that ive learned about 4-5 years back) is hard! I hardly have time for TV these days..except for Amazing Race Asia every thursday :-D

Maybe other lecturers are used to this and they probably have memorized their textbooks by heart hehehe.. me? haiya, sometimes i feel like a schoolgirl who's sitting for her SPM examination tomorrow..mau belaaaaaaaajar saja!

Wonder what subjects im teaching? Im teaching two subjects this semester, Finance and
Business Law.. The two subjects that i am so close to hating. I can't hate them because im teaching them.. i have no choice but to like them. (NOT LOVE ahh..hehe)

If you think i hate my job, honestly i dont (HATE is such a deep word, dontcha think?) im just a liiiittttle bit unhappy at this point. Career wise, though. I guess this is just another example of the crazy things that people do for money.. sigh.

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nc said...

hi,, hehe,,jeng3..ya, sa pn ada blog ba kunu, tpi malas sia mo kasi tau org2 di ofis,, low profile ja la,, kita2 ja tau a,, haha
sja ni, hobi baru n kasi hilang tension kadg2,,
don wori la about ur job,,:)
kami pn gitu juga dlu time baru masuk,, mcm study balik o,,kena bjr blik smuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yg pernah bjr dlu,,haha
nanti lepas dua tiga semster gitu tu, baru la ko sng teingat ni haha
i think all of us in AC*C do all these for $$$ haha (^_^)