Friday, October 31, 2008

Pay Day!

A few hours ago, i was out with my bestie.. we went to Parkson because today kan SALE!!!! :-D being an undecisive person that i am, it was really hard for me to choose between two bags. I CAN buy both of them but i dont see the point of buying two bags.. i mean, its not like im going to be using them everyday kan? so after about 30minutes of mind debates, i put down the other bag and jalan terus.. no turning back lagi hahaha

$$$$ Pictures, Images and Photos

Looks like im in a good mood eh? actually i am in a good mood heheh. I only have 1 class today, and that was in the morning. I just got my pay for this month.. yeayy. Although only half pay coz i only started working on the 15th this month but still, i earned every single cent of the money.. for me, its an achievement hahaha.

"First pay.. BIG DEAL!" is what you may say but for me it IS a big deal. See, i never worked for a cent in my life. Okay, maybe once but it was as a babysitter for three days and the pay was not good so i wont count that in heheheh. So yeah, basically, this IS my first REAL job :-D i gotta make my first pay a big deal. :D

Alright readers.. Its the weekend, you guys have fun!

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Gallivanter said...

Congratulations! The first pay is always an awesome experience!