All Pictures Have A Story

This was taken at church but not when the sermon was going on, i dont dare to do that hehe. Well, actually the story of this picture was that i was trying on my aunt's reading glasses (i dont wear glasses, fyi) just for fun and was doing a camera-check to see if i look 'pintar' or not with them on LOL! while i was on it, my aunt told me about computer eye-glasses and suggest me to take one since im in front of the PC like, all the time. Will do an update when i finally get one. I still yet to go meet a good eye optician. I think i'll ask my mom in that department :)

..about this one, haha. This is not my wig. I dont wear wigs okay? when i was rehearsing for the students MICE event with my duet partner, a student came in with his wig for his doble kara performance for the same event. While he was working on his make-up, i tried it on and it suits me lah. I think its because the wig's short, ive got short hair.. go figure.

If you're wondering what Doble Kara is.. here's the video of last tuesday's performance by Jay P. Talented kid.

♥ P.


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Pammie, some girls don't look good with glasses. But sure look lovely in glasses.
Look abit like Sarah Palin too, ha ha.
You have nice features.....
that centre pic is nice, not to mention you hve Hollywood teeth too, ha ha.

By the way, check out RayBan Aviators if you looking at glass frames.
You have a pleasant weekend and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

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