You know what? i just came to realize that all this time while i was talking about how i want to live life drama free, and dont want to be bothered by other people's drama and stuff.. i realize that I'M becoming the DRAMA! did i become this person?

I would've never realize it if it wasn't for my brother who told me about it last nite. All this while ive been talking about this certain someone's life -- i was in disagreement on how that person lives their life and so on but why do i have to be in disagreement on what that person does or does not do? i guess you can call it envy? i dunno. Im still analyzing this feeling that i have. It was harsh and i was in denial, at first.. but after awhile i came to realize what my brother said was so freakin true!

Looks like im not so drama-free huh? I guess someone needs an attitude makeover *points to herself*

p/s: they say the first step to RECOVERY is realizing the problem that you have within yourself.. and i took the first step.

♥ P.


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