Damai / Peace

The weekend has finally approached! how can i not be thankful for that??? :)

I love the weekends because 1) No office work (can i get an AMEN??!) 2) It's my HOLY DAY.. the day i go to church.

Im not gonna say that im ALL Jesus-Christ-Holy, cause God knows im so far from that but atleast i am trying to improve my spiritual self :)

Enough talk about being spiritual hehe.. the video above was taken at Gayaratau Seventh-Day Adventist Church where i attended last week. Me and my sister sang a duet (the song's called DAMAI or in english, PEACE) and i have to thank my cousin Jayson (although his video-taking skills are not that good..there's still room for improvement :P) who took our video while singing.

I'll be attending Kionsom SDA Church at Inanam tomorrow AND i just been told that i will be singing. The following week i'll be attending church at Papar.

Have a nice weekend you all! To Adventists, Happy Sabbath in advance! :)

♥ P.


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