The bloodsucker and the witch! hehehe...

If you're wondering what i did on Halloween, well i was at Sutera Harbor the whole night emcee-ing with my good friend Bob at Sutera Harbor's Blue Lagoon where Baila Fitness' Arabian Retro Nights Dance Dinner Party was held. Actually we (me & my co-host) were on double duty: as mc AND performers. Bob sang "Solitaire", i sang "Officially Missing You" and then we sang a duet on "I Believe I Can Fly" :D Im so glad we performed so well last nite even without any rehearsals!

It really means so much to me when people appreciate your craft. i got quite a number of compliments last nite hehe. Me loike! I recently found a new love which is PERFORMING! We have another event that is coming up in november (im keeping my fingers crossed on this one!) but we havent gotten the details about the event :)

Just so you guys know, me and Bob recently just started to sing for events. So if you're looking for singers to sing at any events or functions just send me a message over here or to my email and we'll work on the details :D

♥ P.


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