Wedding Performances

Me and Bob was at Tamparuli yesterday because my cousin was getting married. A good friend of mine, Adsone (who was also the cousin of the brode) invited me to sing at the wedding and i tag Bob along :D

Here are the performances that we performed at the wedding reception. I sang solo on the song, "You Are My Song" at church but i forgot to ask someone to record me while singing! heheh.. But if you'd like to hear the song, i've uploaded my singing on the song a few months ago. You can browse it on my Youtube channel here.

Bob singing "Born For You"

Our duet on "Now That I Have You"

..and this is what i sang at the reception :D "When I Fall In Love"

I hope they had fun listening as much as we had fun performing the songs :) We're gonna be singing again next month at the same venue but only different couple getting married hehe..

♥ P.


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