Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All Pictures Have A Story

This was taken at church but not when the sermon was going on, i dont dare to do that hehe. Well, actually the story of this picture was that i was trying on my aunt's reading glasses (i dont wear glasses, fyi) just for fun and was doing a camera-check to see if i look 'pintar' or not with them on LOL! while i was on it, my aunt told me about computer eye-glasses and suggest me to take one since im in front of the PC like, all the time. Will do an update when i finally get one. I still yet to go meet a good eye optician. I think i'll ask my mom in that department :)

..about this one, haha. This is not my wig. I dont wear wigs okay? when i was rehearsing for the students MICE event with my duet partner, a student came in with his wig for his doble kara performance for the same event. While he was working on his make-up, i tried it on and it suits me lah. I think its because the wig's short, ive got short hair.. go figure.

If you're wondering what Doble Kara is.. here's the video of last tuesday's performance by Jay P. Talented kid.

♥ P.

M.I.C.E Event 2009

Yesterday afternoon was the M.I.C.E event of January'08 and October'07 intake and i was one of the guest performers of the event (kunun! lol) so me and a student of mine, Bob decided to do a medley duet but i edited the video and just left 1 song (on the wings of love) heheh.. why you ask? well, the first half was lousy and embarrassing (for my part, Bob was superb. i had a lot of flat notes i wanted to just stop singing right there but the show must go on.. unfortunately haha)

Pictures will be uploaded in the next post! still havent got time to resize & edit it :D

Til the next post, tata!

♥ P.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've Got A BIG Ego

I am SO into this song right now. It's been playing non-stop on my iPod :D

Look at this clip. This guy's dancing is really good, he could be a choreographer. He claims that he learned the dance in just 1 day.. impressive i must say. i can only do the moves on 0.11 and 0.12 seconds hahaha! thats the easiest :P

"I talk like this coz i can back it up"

♥ P.



You know what? i just came to realize that all this time while i was talking about how i want to live life drama free, and dont want to be bothered by other people's drama and stuff.. i realize that I'M becoming the DRAMA! did i become this person?

I would've never realize it if it wasn't for my brother who told me about it last nite. All this while ive been talking about this certain someone's life -- i was in disagreement on how that person lives their life and so on but why do i have to be in disagreement on what that person does or does not do? i guess you can call it envy? i dunno. Im still analyzing this feeling that i have. It was harsh and i was in denial, at first.. but after awhile i came to realize what my brother said was so freakin true!

Looks like im not so drama-free huh? I guess someone needs an attitude makeover *points to herself*

p/s: they say the first step to RECOVERY is realizing the problem that you have within yourself.. and i took the first step.

♥ P.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I Realized


  1. i don't like over-edited pictures. you may take the picture with a super canggih DSLR (and please note, owning a DSLR doesnt mean you're a photographer okay? it's not a title that is given to you.. you earn it!)
  2. i dont like.. no, scratch that. i DESPISE people who claims their english is yang paling hebat la.. yang kalu SPM A1. kalu ada A1++ diaaa la tu.. izou noiti! (ngam kaitu kadazan sa? hahahaha.. siou kie, sa bukan kadazan. dusun boh! hehe) - sorry, but i just gotta let this out coz its been bothering me for a looooooooooooong while. i know some people who once said their english is better and even dared to compare their english with other people. i mean, come on la.. kalu english ko bagus tahap dewa pun diam2 la ba. Nda payala ba sampai mo condemn, macam sa cakap macam sa yg kana condemn hehe, actually its not me that has been condemn - im just setting it straight hehe
  3. i despise people who cant get over the fact that other people are better than them (in certain areas). they play the "victim-of-the-world" and spread lies about others. You gotta realize that it's weak.. lame la!

Thats it. My current annoyance.. what i usually do when im pissed off with somebody, i'll just right-click-ignore (sepa yg perna main Mirc, korang tau la ni command hehehehe) them and go on with my life :D let me just announce something here while im at this. I have deleted some people on my facebook list who i can summarize as an "eyesore" so if you've added me before and suddenly im not in your list anymore.. pa buli buat la ahh. maybe you've annoyed me, kan? i dont like dramas, they're such a waste of time.

I know my list of annoyance sikit ja tapi bagus la ba kan? hehehe..i dont think there is a need for me to list down my current likings coz it will go on forever.. there's just so many things in life that i love.

Life's too short to worry about those little pests in life. Let's live life beautifully, drama free! :D

♥ P.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Forever In Twilight

Yea, i sang during the Prom. What song you ask? scroll down to the previous post and take a listen :-) To tell you the truth, it wasnt that much fun (the prom, that is) i was like a parasite going from table to table.. like i belonged no where. I thought colleges version of PROMS would be waaaaaaayyyyy cooler than the ones we had in highschool but, i guess i was wrong.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures (that i jumbled up together into one) that were taken that night.

Laki-laki ku.. ngehehehe

With this year's Prom King, Mr. Deni Udin

I know..i know, most of my pictures taken are with the opposite sex. But how can i resist when they're so adorable! ;)
♥ P.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Finally Found Someone

A duet by me and Robson Andreas during ACIC's Prom Nite held at SESB Hall. Sorry for the late update.. i was soooo busy, only now i have a liiiiitttle bit of spare time to blog :-)

Pictures will be uploaded soon! Gotta get ready for class now. ta-ta!~

♥ P.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm One Excited Girl.

Hey there!

It's been awhile since i've blogged about anything. I havent abandoned this blog yet (i dont think i will) it's just that ive been so busy with things. ive got a big exam coming up this saturday, a new "project" due this month (will go into that once it's ready for viewing) and well, this thursday (6th Aug) is the college's Prom Nite. The theme of this year's prom is : "FOREVER IN THE TWILIGHT" dont ask me what it means. I have NO idea hahah! but i'll be one of the performers and im quite excited on that :)

Just thinking of my "project" makes me excited. This month's gonna be interesting.. AND exciting, of course!

♥ P.