Weight Gain

This morning when i wore my black pants to work, i was surprised because it was tight. OMG! i gain weight!!! okay, that was an exaggeration. I know i've put on some weight but i didnt think it would be this far.


I'm blaming it on the medicine!!

Why medicine? well, 3 weeks ago when i just came back from the Philippines i fell sick. My tummy was hurting like hell to the extent it made me hard to walk. I even had to hold my tummy when i walk. It was hell.

According to the doctors, i look pale and with no energy. Ofcourse, what do you expect from a sick person right? so the doctor gave me some medicine that will increase my appetite.

I'm so sad. I cant even fit my clothes properly now. You see, i'm the type of girl who gains weigh fast. Sad eh? i wish i could be like those who could eat and eat and eat but doesnt gain anything.

Guess i need to exercise more to get rid of this unwanted baggage. I am determined i can get rid of it :)

All the best to me!!


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