Someone's Got A New Bag.

Last wednesday after work i decided to go to the Digi Centre at 1Borneo because ever since i've been using Digi broadband (March 2010), i never have received my bills so i went to the centre to ask them regarding this matter. As i was walking to the centre (Digi Centre is on the lower ground, i parked on the 3rd floor) i passed Parkson and they had some bags displayed outside.

I have been looking for a big bag to carry to work. One bag caught my attention. I am so satisfied with my new bag because 1.) It's big = spacious. 2.)It's bright. Just how i like it. It actually came in three colors: brown, black and grey but i picked the brown because it stand out. 3.) the material of the bag is very soft to the touch.

The old and the new.

The old bag is the darker color, the new one is the bright, big brown bag. I paid RM105.00 for the bag but it was worth it. Oh by the way, it's an authentic Benedetti Polo Creation bag :)

If you're wondering what brand is my old bag well, it is brandless. I bought it online about a year ago. I'm the type who don't bring handbags to work. I rather have a big bag that can fit almost everything in it.

I am so loving my new bag.


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