My Summer Vacay.

I did a long post on how my trip went in Manila. It concentrated more on the bad though but i changed my mind on posting it. Why? because it happened last week, it's in the past. I'm not the type of person who likes to dwell on the past, so i'm letting it go. Whatever hurt that people have caused me, i'm letting it go. I could trash talk about that person but i choose not too. It would only make me as evil as her.

So this post is gonna focus on the good bits only. I got to meet old friends and i also made new friends over the weekly Wine & Cheese party at Friendly's Guest House - the place i was staying for the week. Ok, enough talking, time for pictures!

With Sherrie - a new friend, and Zachary at Music Avenue
I got to see a good friend of mine Zachary, who is also a very good singer.
This is David. After 5 long years we finally meet.
Oh, i also met Superman :)

Besides having contributing to the economy as my main activity for everyday, food has also been a favourite activity there. I could've ate more but in the middle of the week, i had stomach ache which lasted for a week. But the food and beverages there were superb! love it!
One of the many pictures of me waiting for food. This one's while waiting for my Charlie Chaan Chicken Pasta take out at Yellow Cab.

At the famous Hobbits House. It wasn't as good as i expected.. they had a hidden cover charge. We all were surprised to see that in our bills. Oh well, atleast we've been to that place.
On Saturday, I went to church (Singalong SDA Church) at Malate. That was the first time i went to church in Philippines. The members were very nice. They even invited me for lunch! It was truly a blessing.. (because i was already short of pesos :-D)

That evening, the wine and cheese party at the guesthouse started. It was so cool to meet and get to know the other tenants of the guesthouse.
With a Dutch and a Jap.
This is Celest. She's Hawaiian, Brazil and umm... i forgot. I asked her, "so what are you?" and she answered, "International" :)

Although the trip wasn't as exciting as i've planned it to be, but there was also some good that i've learned from this trip. I know whatever that has happened, God has a reason for it. Even the bad ones.


DESS said…
very interesting blog..
Have a nice day...
Anonymous said…
welcome back. let bygones be bygones. :D
Kal-El said…
if ever you'll be in cebu, please let me know! hehehe.. glad you had a great time! :)
Pammie Pajammie said…
Thanks Anonymous. I like that.. let bygones be bygones. I'm starting off with a new attitude: POSITIVITY.

Kal-El: will do :)

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