Galactica Nite

Last weekend, i was in KL for the company's annual dinner. The theme was GALACTICA NITE. Alot of people dressed up according to the theme but there were alot of people who also dressed up not according to the theme, including me! :D

We arrived on friday and to be honest it was quite a rush. We reached our hotel at about 4pm and had to leave before 5pm (OMG!!) I planned to maybe get cleaned up first before dress and make-up but there was no time to waste. So as soon me and my roommates reached the room we laid everything out - makeup, dress, shoes. But we managed to get out of the room in less than 45minutes. AMAZING!

My face, no make-up yet but hair all set to party! haha.. This was taken in the plane. 11-ish a.m

The roomies getting ready. Mirror was small and there were 4 girls in the room. They should have had a bigger mirror.

Ta-da! me all ready. Don't mind those wet spots on my dress. They were from the sink.. the water from the faucet suddenly went crazy when i accidently turned it all the way

Before heading out the room, we take pictures first! Camera check! hehe

The look inside the hall.

Esther Apollonius (did i spell it correct?) or better known as Esther OIAM 3 singing the opening song for the dinner. I don't know what the song title was but most people call it OneNation. I sang that song back in July :D during the company's Kaamatan & Gawai Celebration.

Oooh.. nice laser lights.

Imelda & April.



I didn't really like the food.. because of that, i didn't take many pictures of the food. It was ohkay but not great.

I didn't even take lots of pictures that night because i didn't feel like taking much. I'm in people's camera though - that's important hehe. I stayed until sunday in KL. What did i do until sunday? i'll blog about it in the coming entries.


nc said…
uiks nya.. :)

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