Lusciously Pink.

Yesterday was rather an interesting day for me. I was called downstairs to the reception area because someone wants to meet me. I was puzzled. Who on earth wants to meet me? at 4.00pm? So i went down and a lady was waiting for me and handed me a paperbag that has chocolates and perfume. Not just any perfume, it was Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey!! OMG! I have been looking (and wanting) that perfume! The lady said it was from a friend of mine, MK.

MK, if you're reading this thank very very very much. :) Because i was kind of hungry that time, the chocolates were gone in less than 30 minutes hahaha.

My Luscious Pink ;) And it's EDP (Eu de Parfum)

Mariah's signature butterfly mark.

I love my new scent. I have been wanting to get a new perfume this week but i guess i'll be saving some $$ :) If you were wondering what scent i was wearing before Luscious Pink it was Paco Rabanne's Black Xs, CK One Summer, and Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. Yea, all of them are at their last drop. Another favourite of mine is Noa Fleur by Chacharel. Luscious Pink smells similar to Noa Fleur. No wonder i love it.


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