Sunday, October 7, 2012

TMBT Certificate

One of the many things that I like in participating in marathons besides the experience itself is collecting medals and certificates. I like to joke around with my friends saying those medals and certificates can be used to increase your "harga berian" hahaha!

Nowadays, certificates are being sent electronically. I kinda miss getting the hardcopy certificate but thesedays everyone is "going green" and trying to reduce the paper usage so here we are, at the electronic age. But i guess it is a good thing.. saving mother earth and all. 

I havent been actively running these days after TMBT. I know i need to keep up or else i will lose my momentum. But i think i have lost it already. Booo... 

I have sent my trusty iPod Touch to get it's screen fixed. It was partially broken and i have been told many times to get it fixed before sweat or water gets in it. So I finally sent it in last week. The person in charge said i can come and get it by next week. Oh man, i felt very different running "naked" without it. See my iPod touch isnt just my music player. I also use it to track my runnings using Nike+. I must say i love that app very much. 

Hopefully i'll be reunited with my ipod touch very sooon. I miss you so damn much!

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