On travelling and 2013 resolutions

I saw this on Pinterest and it striked me -- I miss travelling!!!

I miss traveling! It has been awhile since i went on a real holiday some place far away. I have been busy with training for marathons this year and that is why i am unable to do so :( Even my trip to Boracay was cancelled due to training. boo hoo!

Oh well, I just hope next year will be a really good year for me -- 2013!! These are just some of the things that I am hoping to achieve for next year. In short, my resolutions hehehe

1. Run a full marathon
2. Run a 50km Ultra Marathon
3. Climb Mount K
4. Visit Boracay!!!
5. Cliff dive
6. Backpacking across Asia
7. Pursue my Phd (Yikes!)
10. Get married (?!!) -- Haha.. who knows right?

As you can see above i put get married in the list at number 10 because it isn't really a big priority on my list. I am in a relationship with a wonderful guy but emotionally and mentally, I am not there yet although i have been pressured just because of the age factor. I am 30 years old but so what? I don't want to get married just because of age factor. But again, I wouldn't rule out any possibility of marriage in the near or far (haha!) future :)

Numbers 8 and 9 are still empty because i am still working on them :-)


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