Belated BIM2014 Post

It has been 16 days since BIM2014 but I am only blogging about the event today hehehe. My life has been very hectic, juggling work, school, baking and trainings (which i havent been doing that much lately)

Let me start this post by saying I didnt expect to run the marathon this year. I registered for the Full Marathon category in January, went back to school in March and decided not to run in April since my school work is so time consuming. Heck, I didnt even get to run that much, especially long runs in the weekends. Every runner knows that long runs are important. Anyways, on the eve of BIM2014 I decided to run. whatever happens, happens. LOL. I even begged my lecturer to postponed our 9:30am class to 10:30am. I arrived at class at 11:30 hehehe. Atleast i came. The temptation to NOT go to class at that moment was sooooo strong.

Here are some of the pictures of the whole BIM2014 experience. This year was my 2nd time running the Full Marathon :)

 Race pack collection with Shariff, Mas and Rizwan
 My Shwings!

 Some of the people I met before the Full Marathon flag off
Another #AUSF photo 

With my buddy, Burn Pahirah
 Me and Mas finishing strong, despite having multiple blisters on my foot (me), 
and Mas having pelvic pain.
 With Lumis & Owin
 Yeay! with our medals :)

 My Borneo International Marathon medals so far 

Despite having injury at KM25 which caused me to run/walk for 5-6KM, and walked the next 12KM or so me and Mas finished strong by running towards the finishing line at Likas Stadium. It was indeed an incredible experience eventhough i had very minimal training for this year :)


Mas Light said…
Never again, do I want to be injured during a race. Wai- I injured every race, I prolly need to train less intense for next run *sobs.

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