Running In The Rain

So today I went for a run. In the rainnnnn! :) this evening's run was actually my 1st run post BIM hahaha!! Yea, i was that busy til i couldnt even go for any runs. Booo. 

Anyway, me and rizwan target 8km but we ended up doing 7.5km. I had heartburn just now. Omg it was horrible. My 2nd time experiencing this while running. I had to run/ walk starting at km3. Anyways, it was a good workout. Gonna run again this thursday. I NEED to since Sundown Marathon is nextweek! 

Me and riz post-workout picture moment.  Excuse his goofyness that went overboard in picture #2 LOL! 


Pammie said…
Yea i think you were running at Perdana Park or Likas that day

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