Friday, May 23, 2014

You win some, you lose some

Made some cakes last night to be sold today. Someone bought 5 cakes (RM4 each x 5 = RM20). I put the money in my pocket (that was at 8am) and at 9.10am I reached into my pocket, the money was gone. By the way, im wearing jeans. 

Ohhhh maaaaaaannn!!

I lost RM20 just like that? *Cries*

To make myself feel better, maybe someone needed the money more. Who knows, right? But I need the money tooooo! *criiiiiieeesss* 

Maybe the method of putting money inside your bra works much better than putting it in your pocket. 

*heavy sigh*

A lesson to be learned. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ive got work to do

Oh man! Ive got serious work to do. I used to easily climb 3 flights of stairs without feeling winded. Now? I feel like my lungs are going to explode. Omg. Actually i just climbed 3 flights of stairs and i thought i was going to faint! LOL. 

My fitness level has reaaaallly gone waaay down ever since i started studying again. My doctorate degree is just too time demanding of me. If i could run 2x a week, i would be beyond happy if i could do that. Ive got a fullmarathon next week at Singapore and i have minimal/ zero training whatsoever. My strategy is just to go slow. Slow and steady. Gonna customize my playlist so the 42km wont be so lonely. 

I also have decided not to run any marathons for the time being (after sundown, that is) because i dont have time to train.  But i will still do ultra-trails, with condition that the event is during july - september. My course is expected to end in 2016 *fingers crossed*. Maybe for the time being, i could do other things like baking and travel. 

We'll see.


Ive got alot of things to complete today. Besides marking papers, i need to finish my slides, see my lecturer and then bake cakes tonight. Yes, CAKES not just a cake. Wow such a hectic day! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Missing Case of 2013

If you look at the photo above, my 2013 was missing hehe. Actually, i didnt even blogged an alphabet that year. Wow. I think that was the year where i thought that i was done with blogging but i didnt have the heart to delete this whole blog account. It has been with me since 2007!! That's 7 friggin years!!! 

My goal is to blog more often when i have time. I guess it is simpler to blog these days with smart phones, tablets or any gadgetery that's blog-enabled. 

This is my 3rd post for today. Wow so productive hahaha! I wonder how many posts will i make at the end of the year. I wrote 158 posts in 2008. What the heck did i blog about? Hahahah. LOL

Running In The Rain

So today I went for a run. In the rainnnnn! :) this evening's run was actually my 1st run post BIM hahaha!! Yea, i was that busy til i couldnt even go for any runs. Booo. 

Anyway, me and rizwan target 8km but we ended up doing 7.5km. I had heartburn just now. Omg it was horrible. My 2nd time experiencing this while running. I had to run/ walk starting at km3. Anyways, it was a good workout. Gonna run again this thursday. I NEED to since Sundown Marathon is nextweek! 

Me and riz post-workout picture moment.  Excuse his goofyness that went overboard in picture #2 LOL! 

Mendeley Workshop


Attending Mendeley workshop at UMS today. A hands-on approach on doing citations for your research paper

Belated BIM2014 Post

It has been 16 days since BIM2014 but I am only blogging about the event today hehehe. My life has been very hectic, juggling work, school, baking and trainings (which i havent been doing that much lately)

Let me start this post by saying I didnt expect to run the marathon this year. I registered for the Full Marathon category in January, went back to school in March and decided not to run in April since my school work is so time consuming. Heck, I didnt even get to run that much, especially long runs in the weekends. Every runner knows that long runs are important. Anyways, on the eve of BIM2014 I decided to run. whatever happens, happens. LOL. I even begged my lecturer to postponed our 9:30am class to 10:30am. I arrived at class at 11:30 hehehe. Atleast i came. The temptation to NOT go to class at that moment was sooooo strong.

Here are some of the pictures of the whole BIM2014 experience. This year was my 2nd time running the Full Marathon :)

 Race pack collection with Shariff, Mas and Rizwan
 My Shwings!

 Some of the people I met before the Full Marathon flag off
Another #AUSF photo 

With my buddy, Burn Pahirah
 Me and Mas finishing strong, despite having multiple blisters on my foot (me), 
and Mas having pelvic pain.
 With Lumis & Owin
 Yeay! with our medals :)

 My Borneo International Marathon medals so far 

Despite having injury at KM25 which caused me to run/walk for 5-6KM, and walked the next 12KM or so me and Mas finished strong by running towards the finishing line at Likas Stadium. It was indeed an incredible experience eventhough i had very minimal training for this year :)