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We had a four day rest since saturday until yesterday (tuesday) and i was kind of lazy to update my blog. So this entry will be a loooooong one, a backpost from saturday until tuesday.. don't worry, i'll let the pictures do the talking. Oh, before i go into that i'd like to wish everyone a
happy chinese new year!!
SATURDAY (24th Jan 09)

Went to church as usual. I was super early that day as i had to sing at 9am. After service we (the whole liew clan) went to Hyatt for lunch, buffet style. It was my nephew, Darren's birthday so his father treated all of us for lunch. The traffic from Menggatal to KK was so bad, it took us almost 45 minutes to get there. By that time, i was so hungry i could eat everyone's food. And guess what? i ate a whole plate of cakes! omg! punya godoot sa.. (i am not going to mention the other foods that i ate, im embarrased! :-P)
The prominent Liew cousins
Rennae and I
Darren, the birthday boy and his sister, Lalyn

Baby Davennie and aunty fung

Besarkan mulut...

The last bite of the cake.. i was so full at that time, eating felt like a chore.

SUNDAY (25th Jan 09)

Chinese new year eve family gathering. Another makan-makan session.. At about 9.30pm that night, my tummy ached - i had too much of everything! :(
Round table ladies talk

Vivi and Rennae

MONDAY (26th Jan 09)

Another makan-makan for us at my uncle's new house at Taman Bukit Sepanggar. It was sort of like, a house blessing slash chinese new year family makan-makan. I was again, full. Beevy, if you're reading this : SADAP OOO AYAM KO TU MALAM!!

House blessing by Pastor Francis Lajanin

TUESDAY (27th Jan 09)

Went to my uncle's house at Penampang for lunch. The food.. omg! was so damn sedap. But i only had 1 serving. I had to heheh ;-P
Corwan.. cute kan?
Vivi and I
Bets are all set
Tiger promo ladies


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