Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunrise Watching at Mengkabong

Yesterday (sunday) morning about 4a.m me, my sister josherli, cousins beevy & tety went out to Mengkabong for sunrise watching photoshoot with lola and wendell . We arrived there at about 4.30am and waited patiently for the sun to come up but the sun was too lazy to come up and gave way to the rain instead. It poured down a bit but luckily not heavily as we havent got our umbrellas in hand. All of them were using either Canon or Nikon DSLR cameras.. i, on the other hand was busy taking pictures using my Exilim :-P i know i will one day be a proud owner of one good DSLR camera but as for now my budget is not permitting me :( boo-hoo..I mean, i can always run to daddy and ask him to buy me one hehe but i dont want to be that kind of girl anymore. I know i will sure value the camera more if i buy it using my own money so that is why running to daddy for money is not my way of life.. well atleast not anymore :-D

Anywho.. here are some pictures that i took during that day.

The photographers trying to take a good shot of the fishermans in their boat off to work

My back..bringing sexy back baa haha

There was really nothing to do.. except wait for Sunny to come up

My sister took this shot and i had to stand still for about 30 seconds in order to get the tail lights effect in the picture..
This was taken at about 7am.. we went down under the bridge to take more shots. My sneakers were all dirty and muddy as a result of this
My sister, josherli and beevy
Beevy trying to get a good shot of the water buffalos that were crossing. Although we weren't able to see the sunrise, i'd still say it was fun :-) We left that place at around 7.30am. After sending our cousins home, we (me and my sister) went to Menggatal town for some breakfast.

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