Achievements For 2009

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These are the things that i hope to achieve this year..

1. Friends & family - connect more with ones that i have, reconnect with old friends: regular phone calls, emails, IM's, meetings- make an effort, make new friends.

2. Health - eat better, drink more water, lose weight, eat vitamins

3. Well being - boost self confidence & self esteem, live more in the moment

4. Looks - Be a goddess (haha! now, how am i gonna achieve that!)

5. Love - Get taken or stay single.. but at the end of the day i have to be happy :)

6. Social - Go out more, socialize a bit more.

7. Faith - Improve my relationship with the Big Man up there..i havent really 'talked' to him in awhile.

The above are the broad areas that i want to achieve this year. I take this all seriously but i want to be specific and have smaller goals to help me get there. I have a birthday coming up this month and i really want this year to be a life-changing one.


Gallivanter said…
Great stuff! My usual resolution applies for 2009, that is, not to have a resolution but to enjoy life to the fullest! :-)

Happy New Year!

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