Friday, June 5, 2009

Behold.. The Ugliest Road in KK

Ok, so we got this (the JKR signboard of 'menaiktaraf jalan limpugou menggatal') a week ago and we, the people who go through this road everyday were happy. no, scratch that we were ecstatic! finally! a good asphalt road..
Dont get easily carried away with this signboard, it's just a sham! Jalan Limpugou Menggatal is about, hmm.. roughly 1000 meters (or so) but the acclaimed 'menaiktaraf Jalan Limpugou Menggatal' will only be 300 meters. Stupid or what, huh?

I love this village, although there are alot of necessities that are yet to be met..oh, say like the trash compartments (for starters!), street lights, and the much needed asphalt road! This village is roughly 10-15Km from KK city.. not too far from the city. Ive been to villages waaaaaaaayyyy in the interior of Sabah and guess what? they got asphalt road!! We, the people living in the village have been given false hope for almost 20 (or more)years.. when election time comes, the politicians will be there to spit out lies about upgrading the road.

Hey, we pay our taxes and perform our duties just like any good citizen in Malaysia. We deserve to get a better treatment from the government. Alot of talk has been going on regarding the 300 meter road upgrade instead of the whole Jalan limpugou, some say tidak cukup peruntukan yea rite!. Of course la not enough if you put 80% of the money inside your pocket! (to whom it may concern lah..)

Sabah is just really corrupted. Tell me otherwise if you think it's NOT
These are just SOME of the puddle of muds (if it rains, like last night we'll get this.. if it doesnt rain, kering kontang lah the holes AND the whole kampung will be so dusty you cant believe it!)

This is the much needed trash containers that i was talking about earlier. Ain't this just stupid? bagus jangan la buat tempat buang sampah if there's no trash compartments!

It makes me think, why the hell DBKK build up a trash place and left out the compartment? The dogs for sure will thank them for this.
♥ P.

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