Belated Fathers Day Wish

Happy (belated) fathers day to all fathers in the world! i know its kinda late but like i always say, better late than never. i couldn't blog on sunday for Fathers Day because i was still in the Philippines. I didnt call or text my dad from there because it cost like, RM2 for a text and my credit was less than rm2 that time hehehe blame the mind for not remembering to reload before flying.

This year, instead of just a card i gave my dad something that actually symbolizes appreciation for fathers - thats what Fathers Day is all about right? appreciating your father.

I was at at Papemelroti at SM Mall, Clark when i saw this:

At first i didnt really want to buy it but when i was back in the van, suddenly that box of prayers came up in my head and i felt the urge to buy it. I dragged along a cousin of mine back into the mall and bought it instantly.

Im glad my dad was happy to get that box of prayers :) i liked the box too and the prayers inside are so touching. It's like it speaks the words i need to tell my dad.

Thanks Dad for everything!

The "prayers" in the box
Aren't the words sweet or what?
On another note, i got this perfume from Bench. It smells nice :) I had no idea on what to buy when we were at our last Mall before departing back to KK.. so i decided to buy myself a perfume from one of my favourite store in the Philippines : Bench. I wanted to buy perfume from this store called Human (another fav store of mine) but it didnt smell as nice.

♥ P.


Mama Rock said…
i like the prayer box you gave ur sweet..btw, how much is that cost?
Pammie said…
it cost about rm15 :D cheap kan?

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