You Are My Song (My Rendition)

Since i am unable to attend my friend's engagement, i am gonna post this up here (she asked me to sing on her 'day' and i cant make it coz ive gotta go back to kampung!). Uh-oh, i havent told Clarice about my inability to attend her engagement. Gotta work those fingers fast & text her!

Gimme some constructive criticism :-D or just tell me what you think.

♥ P.


Donna said…
beautiful & inspiring! hey, you're still young, bagus ko jadi recording artiste...buli tu kalau kau:P
Pammie said…
recording artist?? O.O thats one thing that i never dreamt of becoming! haha.. im way to shy to become an artist ;-P hhehhehe
Kal-El said…
thank you for such a wonderful rendition of my fave song. hope to do a duet with you soon Pammie ☺
Pammie said…
Hi Kal-El. is it your fav song? omg, its MY fav too :D im open to duets :) thx for dropping by. c ya around!
dopeymooke said…
impressive! cun o cuzz.....keep up the great work!

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