Around the House

I love spending time at home during the weekends. I prefer just staying at home and not have to go anywhere, especially to the city. I go to work in the city 5 days a week so it is nice to just stay at home for a change.
This particular weekend, after doing laundry i took a stroll around the house. I started at the backyard and ended infront of the house at the garage.

Guess what i found along the way?

Pumpkin! there were two waiting to be picked :)
I walked further and i saw a bunch of other things that i havent noticed up til now..

Manggis. Will be ripe in.. say, next month?

This one's common. mana2 pun ada..but i always like this. they're cute..

Rambutans (not ripe yet)

I also found 2 pettula.. there's more but they're still young.. Not quite ready yet.
Look at all the hungry fishes begging to be fed in my dad's pond.. (im not cruel. i fed them after i took this picture :D)

My brother, Dr. Kenny with one of the pumpkin.
Durians on the ground. but they weren't good so we left them there.

Look up! Those are durians hanging on the tree.. my brother told me to speed up just incase the durian will fall.

So you see, this is why i prefer being in the kampung than in the city. Fresh air, fresh vegetables from the yard, fish from the pond and not mentioning the plenty of fruits that can be plucked from the trees. I remember me and my brother climbing the manggis and the langsat trees. climbing trees and plucking them is no biggie, the hard part was carrying the fruits up the hill haha. Me and my brother had to stop a few times coz they were quite heavy.

We probably will be doing it again this fruit season. Will update you guys when the fruits are all ripe.

♥ P.


Gallivanter said…
Man, I wish I had my own kampung.
dopeymooke said…
kajen...mana bah abangmu,Dr Kenny itu skrg? dia teda fb ka?:P
Pammie said…
Kajen.. abangku di hospital likas hari2 tulung kasi branak urang. dia teda fb tu. dia masi lagi men fs & hi5 tu hahaha!
dopeymooke said…
O&G ka dia? ba...kirim slam ma dia kio...dia bila mo kawin tu?:P
Pammie said…
Ok.. dia bilang kirim salam juga. Kawin? hehehe tiatau ohh.. :P
Beth said…
Waaaa ms...Glaaa ahh punya besar 23labu...hohoho n cantik ba kebun kmu...hehe

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